Concerts Photo Gallery 

Punk In The Arizona Waterpark

I have spent over a year watching live music through a computer monitor, my phone and occasionally on my TV. Due to the spread of Covid 19, live events were put on pause to try to reduce the spread. While for me, I have enjoyed the live streamed events and the more intimate interactions I have got with musicians it just wasn’t the same for many. It wasn’t the same as the energy you get from a room of friends made through the love of belting those lyrics back at…

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One For the Bucket List

Bucket lists are things made to keep track of events, activities, or actions we want to achieve in our lives. Sometimes they are ever rotating things in and out and other times remaining pretty stationary in who sits on the top. Since I started doing photography with a DSLR camera, concert photography has created a bucket list of bands I want to photograph. One of those would be Youth Brigade, the Stern brothers who not only have left a mark with BYO Records and Punk Rock Bowling, but on East…

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