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Every Show Joe Says Go! 9-15-2023

I got you those show recommendations while I tried out my brand new blue screen this week!

Friday 15 (All times AZ/MST times unless otherwise noted)

  • Prince Mirth Album Release Show with Let Alone, The Joeys at the Valley Bar – 7 PM
  • Haboob Bash featuring Fixed Reaction, Southern Gait, and Tactless at Candy & Records – 6 PM
  • Wolfmother with Fever Dog at the Van Buren – 8 PM (As I know from Rock Band 3)
  • Thee Madcaps and Golden Boots at the Egyptian Motor Hotel – 7 PM
  • The Arcadian Wild with the Senators at the Rebel Lounge – 7:30 PM
  • The Upchucks, Gone Before Us, Negative 32, and Vacant Skies at the Hive, Flagstaff – 7 PM
  • The Distortionists, In Good Cause, and Swigfoot supporting the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention’s Tucson Walk at Thunder Canyon Brewery, Tucson – 8 PM
  • Scott Klopfenstein over at – 9 PM

Saturday 16

  • All Age Matinee featuring Squared, Madd Dog Tannen, It’s Fine, Afterbirth Cartoons, VITIL, Standing at the Back and The Redemptions at the Nile Underground – 3 PM
  • A Night of Adult Contemporary Emo featuring Sundressed, Sympathy Card, Dogpile, and Knee Breaker at the Rebel Lounge – 5 PM
  • The Edisons, Painting Fences, Bulletproof Backpacks, and Ghost in the Willow at Time Out Lounge – 8 PM
  • Hannah Jaduga with Veronica Everheart at the Valley Bar – 7 PM
  • Practically People with Analog Monsters, Bryce Kepner, and The Strings at the Trunk Space. Ask you mask inside. – 7 PM
  • Femmes of Phx, a female/non binary fronted house show, featuring Lauren Case, Electrisad, Btchcraft, and Pleasure Cult. Ask a musician for the address. – 7 PM
  • The Angry Toons with Glitter Vomit, The Devil’s Back, Nightfeen, and others at the Blooze Bar – 7 PM
  • The Kepi Show with Kepi Ghoulie on Facebook – 9 AM and throughout the week!

Sunday 17

  • The 2023 Fall Kick-Off featuring Millennial Summer, R-Generation, The Jena System, Okinawa Plane Crash, Faded Lady, Chess Club Dropout, and more at the Nile Underground – 5 PM
  • The Smashing Pumpkins: Siamese Dream 30th Anniversary stream at – 6:45 PM
  • Bite Me Bambi Music Show over at  – 2 PM

Monday 18

Tuesday 19

  • I Set My Friends On Fire with Sink In, Truth Untold, and The Spacers at Yucca Tap Room – 7:30 PM
  • Chris Murray’s Bluebeat Livestream over on his Facebook – 5 PM
  • Houston & The Dirty Rats at House of Bards, Tucson – 8 PM
  • Bite Me Bambi Music Show over at  – 7 AM
  • Scott Klopfenstein over at – 9 PM

Wednesday 20

  • Houston & The Dirty Rats with El Googly Diablo, 10Ply at the Yucca Tap Room – 7 PM
  • Dash Rip Rock with Speedbuggy USA, The Earps at the Rhythm Room – 8 PM
  • Scott Klopfenstein over at – 9 AM

Thursday 21

  • Gob Patrol with Squared, Birth of Monsters, and Ape Gone Bad at Yucca Tap Room – 8 PM
  • Bear Ghost “jiminy” Album Release with Ali A & The Agency, Damn the Weather, and Dan E.T. at the Crescent Ballroom – 7:30 PM
  • Like Roses with Troubled Minds, Alibi at the Nile Coffee Shop – 7 PM
  • Scott Klopfenstein over at – 9 AM

Friday 22

  • Chris Farren with Diners at the Valley Bar – 7:30 PM
  • Fabulous Friday featuring Izzy Edible, The Pugilistics, Black Caesar Soul Club, and Killing Sunday at the Yucca Tap Room – 8 PM
  • Tragic Radicals with Scorpion Vs Tarantula, Eatcrow at Chopper Johns – 8:30 PM
  • Skeleton Army, In Memory Of, Boogeyman, and Rejected Monsters at Tempe Tavern – 8 PM
  • Black Bottom Lighters with Stilly and Taide at the Rockbar – 7 PM
  • Koza with Gone Before Us, Septooseven, and Fauna at the Nile Underground – 7 PM
  • Mssv with Fat Gray Cat at the Orpheum Theatre, Flagstaff – 7:30 PM
  • Scott Klopfenstein over at – 9 PM
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