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Every Show Joe Says Safely Go! 2-17-2023

Last full week of February and less big sporting events hosted in Phoenix, meaning more reason to head out to any of these shows this week!

Friday 17 (All times AZ/MST times unless otherwise noted)

  • Chrome Rhino and The Rebel Set at the Tempe History Museum – 7 PM
  • Big Sandy & His Flyrite Boys with Brea Burns and the Beleros at the Rhythm Room – 8 PM
  • Scattered Guts with Warhead, Sleeping with the Witch, and Eternal at the Beast – 8 PM
  • RivetSkull with Blackwater Lake, Sons of Medusa, and Critical Miss at Yucca Tap Room – 7 PM
  • Golden Boots, Miss Moody, Gohne at the Lost Leaf – 9 PM
  • Moral Dispute, Munk, Fixed Reaction, and Alliance at Ground Zero – 6:30 PM
  • Chateau Chateau with New Misphoria at 191 Toole, Tucson – 8 PM
  • Le Trebuchet and the James Brown Band Band at the Yucca North, Flagstaff – 8 PM
  • Scott Klopfenstein over at – 10 PM

Saturday 18

  • Okinawa Plane Crash, The Cult of Chunk, Fuck All You People, and the Erased at the Trunk Space. Ask masks worn inside. – 6 PM
  • Wild Giants, Louis on Tour and Alibi at the Lost Leaf – 8:30 PM
  • Goodbye Ranger, Bummer Girl, Ultraviolet Communication, Tracers and Afterbirth Cartoons at the Nile Underground – 6 PM
  • Paint Punk with music and mural making featuring He, then, Crow Speaks, Scott Gesser, and Critical Miss at Trans Am Café – 6 PM to 10 PM
  • Dreamboat, Slug Bug, Freud, and Flowers at the Rebel Lounge – 4:15 PM
  • Jason Devore at Tempe Tavern – 8 PM?
  • A Punk Rock Mental Health Recovery Workshop at M.A.D.E. SPACE Music Art Design – 2 PM to 6 PM
  • The Kepi Show with Kepi Ghoulie on Facebook – 10 AM and throughout the week!

Sunday 19

  • Goldwax Revival at the Egyptian Motor Hotel – 6 PM
  • Saintbreaker, Civil Serpents, and two others at the Beast – 8 PM
  • Katie Mae and Nick Hans at Chopper Johns – 9 PM
  • Bite Me Bambi Music Show over at  – 3 PM

Monday 20

Tuesday 21

Wednesday 22

Thursday 23

Friday 24

  • Benefit Show for Periwinkle Mobile Home Park residents being evicted by GCU featuring 80*D, Mike and the Molotovs, Ape, and Birth of Monsters at Yucca Tap Room – 8 PM
  • Juniper Ridge with Smooth Hands, Summer Knit at the Trunk Space. Ask masks worn inside. – 7:30 PM
  • Sliced Limes Album Release Show with Dead Hot Workshop, Aura May at Last Exit Live – 8 PM
  • Carol Pacey & The Honeyshakers with The Earps, Nickel City at the Starlite Lounge – 9 PM
  • She’s Not Breathing, RumuR, Crow Eater, and Captain Sarcasmo at Pub Rock Live – 6:30 PM
  • Space Wax with Stereo Christ at the Palo Verde Lounge – 9 PM
  • Ladies of Wax with Jade Helm at the Lost Leaf – 9 PM
  • Jahlos Rebels, Smy Ramone, Sam of Herb N’ Life, and OG Clinto at Yucca North, Flagstaff – 7 PM
  • Tiny Bird and Dead Bugh at the Hive, Flagstaff – 7:30 PM
  • Badflower Live from Irving Plaza at – 4:30 PM
  • Scott Klopfenstein over at – 10 PM
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