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Every Show Joe Says Go! 11-1-2019

November kicking things off strong and with a bang with the shows on this week’s episode.

Friday 1

  • Guttermouth with Playboy Manbaby, TV Tragedy, Skeleton Army, and No Composure at Yucca Tap Room
  • Crunch Time Presents: Haunted House Show with Twin Ponies, Dwayne and the Rock Hard Johnsons(EP Release), Snailmate, 2000 Foot Turtle, and UVC at Tobacco Row
  • Celebration Guns, Post Hoc, Negative Thirty Two, Aura May, and A Better View at Time Out Lounge
  • Zig Zags with Heavy Breather, The New Guinea Pigs On the Block, and DJ Nitro at the Luke-Greenway American Legion Post 1
  • Rock the Boat Music Festival and Boat Race Day 1 featuring Throwing Fitz and The Banter at Hidden Lake
  • Dead Ghosts with the Exbats, Man Hands, and the Rebel Set at the Lunchbox
  • Rager at Rips featuring Vic Tims and the Kentucky Rifles, The Blissins, and Audio Rage at Rips Bar
  • Halloween Hangover Party with Carol Pacey and the Honey Shakers at the Social Hall
  • Ghost Cat Attack with I Am Hologram and Brian Damage and the Memories at Chopper Johns
  • El Gran Silencio with Nomada at Club Silverado
  • Tom Morello: The Atlus Underground Live at the Pressroom
  • First Gay Jesus aka Chelsey Louise, of Fairy Bones, DJ set at the Grid

Saturday 2

  • TSOL with Noogy, The Venomous Pinks, Reason Unknown, and the Brand at Pub Rock Live
  • Decker. Live Album Release Show with Luau and Scattered Melodies at Last Exit Live
  • Amigo the Devil with King Dude, Twin Temple at The Nile
  • Marc Norman’s Campaign Rally and Rock Show featuring Future Exes, The Woodworks, Japhy’s Descent, Pistolaros, and more at the Yucca Tap Room, Bands start at 6PM
  • Rock the Boat Music Festival and Boat Race Day 2 featuring Brea Burns and the Boleros, American Longspurs, Whiskey Kiss, The Banter, Josh Roy Band, and more at Hidden Lake
  • The Haymarket Squares at Macayo’s Depot Cantina, 7PM
  • All Souls Acoustic Day Drinking with Ed Masley and Dan Tripp, of Breakup Society, and Jonathan Scott Howard, of Tramps & Thieves, at Time Out Lounge, 3PM.
  • Club Red Rock Off Finals featuring Olympic Games, Undecided Youth, and others at Club Red
  • San Jacinto Prison Band with Fat Gray Cat and others at Pho Cao
  • Oingo Boingo Former Members with Kelly with a Big Ol’ K at Celebrity Theatre
  • Guttermouth with The Blissins, Undefined, Negative Thirty Two, and Now or Never at the Green Room, Flagstaff

Sunday 3

  • Dinosaur Jr with Easy Action at Crescent Ballroom
  • Marilyn Manson with Deadly Apples at the Van Buren
  • The Melvins with Redd Kross, Toshi Kasai at Club Congress, Tucson

Monday 4

  • The Melvins with Redd Kross at Crescent Ballroom
  • Dirty Honey with Wyves, Deadbeat Cousins at Rebel Lounge
  • PATTI with The Sheaves, Disruptor at the Lunchbox
  • Good Morning with Pro Teens, Dovi at the Rhythm Room
  • Negative Approach with Get a Grip, Rontgen at Club Congress, Tucson

Tuesday 5

  • Guerilla Toss with Dent and RNA at the Rhythm Room
  • The Story So Far with The Frights, Hunny and Just Friends at The Van Buren
  • Death Valley Girls with Crocodiles, Kate Clover, and New Chums at Rebel Lounge
  • Ezra Bell with The Senators at Last Exit Live

Wednesday 6

  • Critical Miss with the Canadian Critical Miss at Rips Bar

Thursday 7

  • Scaners with Disrupter, DOMS, and the Vooduo at Yucca Tap Room
  • Vinnie Caruana with Trevor Hedges, Danielle Durack at the Rebel Lounge

Friday 8

  • Assuming We Survive with We Were Sharks, After the Calm and Love Like Fiction at Pub Rock Live
  • Births of Monsters with APE, The Posters, and Street Burrito at Yucca Tap Room
  • Covey with Andy Warpigs, Bogan Via, and Adult Feelings at the Trunk Space
  • Starcrawler with Skating Polly at Valley Bar
  • Sloan with guests at Rebel Lounge
  • 8th Annual Side Pony Express Music Festival Day 1 with no schedule at time of recording, but featuring 20 Ft Neon Jesus, Ancient Egypt, Ben Anderson, Boycott!, Dadadoh and the POC, DOMS, Ghost Cat Attack, Gnarwhal Jrz, Hostile work Environment, Haley Green, Hostile Work Environment, I Am Hologram, Rae Lydia, Terra Fractacl, The Exbats, Treasurefruit, The Bittersweet Way, The Banter, and plenty more over the weekend through Sunday night. Bisbee, AZ
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