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Photo Gallery: Phoenix SkaterCon 4

It was my second year, and the fourth of the every growing Phoenix SkaterCon. You could see the fine tuning in the layout at the Paradise Valley Skate Park. The event is turning into an entire day as it extended to Kool Keith and an After Party of music at the Yucca Tap Room. I repeat my sentiments from last year, this is one of my favorite Phoenix events to attend. With that, I brought my camera out to the main afternoon to capture killer music and moments. Unfortunately, due to not paying attention to how early music started, I missed Sewer Gap open up the stage. I did remedy that by catching them open up the After Party, but without my camera. Regardless, check out the rest of the bands and a few candid shots around Phoenix SkaterCon 4 below.

Shots of the Skaters and Crowd

Since We Were Kids

The Fuckin’ Godoys

Mike Vallely and Matt Baxter


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