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Every Show Joe Says Go! 3-22-2019

This one is one of the busiest weeks I’ve seen in months, and the busiest this year. You will land on a good show with ease in the next couple days!

Friday 22

  • Pho Cao 7th Anniversary Celebration Night 1 with Ben Anderson, Bear Ghost, Break the Robot, Southwest By Midnight, and The Witherward at Pho Cao
  • Aura May, Sightlines, The Maybe Next Years, and Hammond Heights at Tobacco Row
  • Clint Stevens album release show with Pride Through Strife, Something Like Seduction, Good Rust, and CHKLZ at the Rebel Lounge
  • Varkan Album Release with The Linecutters, Ironkill, Sanitation Squad, and Betrayal of Allies at the Yucca Tap Room
  • Fourbanger at Tempe Marketplace
  • Primal Static with Possy, Brother Teresa, and Moon to Sun at the Lunchbox
  • The Full Moon Festival with Black Bottom Lighters, The Hourglass Cats, Twin Ponies, TOSO, Weird Radicals and more at the Press Room
  • Gabi Jr Tour Kickoff with Dovi, Gasol and Electrisad at the Trunk Space
  • Divided Heaven and Jason Devore with Winterhaven at the Green Room, Flagstaff

Saturday 23

  • The Dead Beat Hymns with Life & Limb, Rage & Peace, Bedwetters, and The Upchucks at The Grid
  • Raf Aid, who had his belongings and vehicle stolen from him while out of town, with Vices to the Grave, Madd Dog Tannen, Perfect Sense and Brian Coopers Ghost at Tempe Tavern
  • Humdinger Festival with the Sugar Thieves, The Woodworks, Pretty Years, Treasurefruit, Gabe Kubanda, The Breakup Society, Paper Foxes, Callie Young, and Soft Deadlines at the Mesa Amphitheatre, 1PM
  • Vanishing show with Playboy Manbaby, MRCH, Dent, and Sunn Trio at a location to be disclosed, and followed for the first set of a band from the first location.
  • Divided Heaven with Raptors, Sore Eyes, and surprise guests at Yucca Tap Room
  • Darkness Dear Boy at the Tempe History Museum, 7PM
  • Birth of Monsters, Ass Wipe Junkies, Critical Miss and Cockfight at Rips Bar
  • Ghost In the Willow with The Edisons at Cornish Pasty, Mesa, 10PM
  • Pho Cao 7th Anniversary Night 2 with Jake Dean Band, The Sugar Thieves, The Woodworks, and Ali A and the Agency at Pho Cao
  • Nagaina, Earthwalker, Sewer Gap, and Predatory Instinct at the Lunchbox
  • Fat Gray Cat with The Brand and Puppy and the Handjobs at Chopper Johns
  • Arkells with Dear Rogue at the Valley Bar
  • “Music Heals” Benefit Show for Betsy Scarinzi with Sara Robinson Band, Ghetto Cowgirl, Pistoleros, Hollyhocks, Deadhot Workshop and Greyhound Soul at Last Exit Live
  • Lenguas Largas, Nanami Ozone, and Dueno at Rogue Bar

Sunday 24

  • Wyves with Vista Kicks and the Jacks at Last Exit Live
  • The Echo Bombs, Timothy Eerie, and Larkspurs at the Lunchbox
  • Painting Fences with the Moxytones, Moons, Birds, and Monsters and Marc Normal and the Disappointments at the Rockbar
  • Mike Doughty playing “Ruby Vroom” with Wheatus at Crescent Ballroom
  • William Ryan Key with Selfish Things, Cory Wells, and Danielle Durack at Rebel Lounge
  • House of Stairs with J-Calvin, Jerusafunk at Valley Bar

Monday 25

  • American Standards with Scar Eater, Acid Teeth, Sleep for the Weak, and Ape at Joe’s Grotto
  • The Reverberations with The Rebel Set, The VooDuo at Rips Bar
  • Make It Loud: Discussion on Audio Recording featuring Bob Hoag, Cory Spotts, and Catherine Vericolli at Rebel Lounge

Tuesday 26

  • David Liebe Hart with Chip the Black Boy, Whatever Your Heart Desires, Treasure Mammal and Hi, My Name is Ryan at the Trunk Space

Wednesday 27

  • The Dollyrots with Go Betty Go, Shovel, It’s Embarrassing and Critical Miss at Yucca Tap Room
  • Unplugged featuring Ross, from Idiotkin, Evening the Score, Mr. J, and Sex and Sandwiches at Pub Rock Live
  • Punk Rock Art Show with Audrey Heartburn, No Refills, Doms, and The Maybe Next Years at the Rhythm Room
  • King Buffalo with Old Fashion Assassin, Dead Canyon at Rebel Lounge
  • UaZit, Trans Mitting, Jaime J. Soto, and Lav Andula at the Trunk Space

Thursday 28

Friday 29

  • The Movielife with Travis Shettel, of Piebald, at Rebel Lounge
  • The Linecutters with Andy Warpigs, Skatter Heade and Mom & Dad at the Trunk Space
  • Killing Sunday CD release with Mississippi Nova, Until the Sun, and Critical Miss at Rips Bar
  • Ghost Light Revue with The Joeys, Of the Earth, and Aramora at Time Out Lounge
  • The Limit Club with Kats of Horror, The Blissins, and Wolfskin Killers at the Green Room, Flagstaff
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