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Every Show Joe Says Go! 11-2-2018

The midweek eases off of a busier prior week, but Friday has some tough choices. Plenty of choices to keep going to music every night if you like!

Friday 2

  • Mephiskaphales with Bowcat, The B Sharps, Mr. Incommunicado at the Yucca Tap Room
  • The Menzingers with Tiny Moving Parts, Daddy Issues at Crescent Ballroom
  • The Dickies and DI with the Heroes at BLK Live
  • The Struts with The Wrecks, Thunderpussy at the Marquee Theatre
  • Long Beach Dub Allstars with The black Bottom Lighters, Hourglass Cats at the Van Buren
  • Starcrawler with Fairy Bones at the Valley Bar
  • All New Hopes, Johny Lee Gowan, and Hostile Work Environment at Pho Cao
  • Jason Devore with Ross, from Idiotkin, at Tempe Tavern
  • The Effects at Rips Bar
  • Inna Vision and Gonzo with Clint Stevens, The Conveyers at the Rockbar

Saturday 3

  • Decent Criminal with Western Settings, Reason Unknown, Gwyneth Paltrow Afterparty, Skeleton Army, and Hobo Bastard at Time Out Lounge
  • Naked Aggression with Skull Drug, TV Tragedy, We Might Be Wasted at the Yucca Tap Room
  • Arizona Fall Fest with Genre, Fairy Bones, Lost in the Sun, Phoenix Afrobeat Orchestra, The Stakes, Nathan Jude, and Hovenweep at Hance Park, 10AM to 4PM
  • Boycott! Album release with Dadadoh, Smiling Faces, 2000 Foot Turtle at a house show
  • Johnny Hootrock with The Devillains, Buried In Red, and Raymond Raye at Chopper Johns
  • Break Stuff: Nu Metal Night with Brandon Kellum of American Standards at Rebel Lounge

Sunday 4

  • The Meteors with Johnny Hootrock at BLK Live
  • Crunk Witch with 20 Ft Neon Jesus, Dadadoh at Bonus Round

Monday 5

  • Typesetter with Kali Masi, Divided Heaven, and Critical Miss at Rogue Bar
  • Lucero with American Longspurs at Crescent Ballroom
  • Go Vote 2018 with Gin Blossoms, Calexico, Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly, Phoenix Afrobeat Orchestra, and more at the Van Buren

Tuesday 6

  • Exxxtra Crispy’s last show at the Lost Leaf with Sluts These Days and Aquatic Hitchhiker
  • Look Vibrant with Instructions, Tripaw’d, and Sun Conscious at the Lunchbox

Wednesday 7

  • Standards, Boriko, Twin Ponies, and Strelitzia at the Sunroom

Thursday 8

  • Psychostick with Downtown Brown, Hellfire Club, Moons, Birds, and Monsters and Zherra at Club Red
  • Mouse Powell with Seanloui and New Heat at Rebel Lounge
  • Deap Vally with Weird Radicals, The Apaches at Valley Bar
  • Mesa Music Festival Day 1 in Downtown Mesa

Friday 9

  • Mesa Music Festival Day 2 with Henry Rollins Keynote, Future Exes, LUAU, Emily Grieve, Ben Anderson, Dawson Rutledge, Snailmate, Endless Muse, In Memory Of, and more in Downtown Mesa
  • The Linecutters with 2000 Ft Turtle, Somewhat Damaged, Wild Amanitas, Tre Bills, Dallas Anderson, and more at the 51 West
  • Lost in the Sun vinyl release with Aunt B and Danielle Durack at the Rebel Lounge
  • Doom Lagoon with Andy Warpigs, DOMS, and Acne Superstar at Bonus Round
  • Bob Log III with Battered Suitcases at Chopper Johns
  • Sidepony Festival Day 1 with TOSO, The Banter, and many more, Bisbee, Arizona
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