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Every Show Joe Says Go! 9-28-2018

Always blinking when there is a picture or maybe just not wanting to think about deciding where I will end up on this jam packed Friday and Saturday. Just see for yourself. There is no reason you won’t be catching music this week with the amount of options. See you out there!

Friday 28

  • Fuck The Industry Warehouse Trash Bash with The Linecutters, Monty O’Blivion, TOSO, Not Confined, Bad Times and The Runaway Street Circus. Address on the Facebook event.
  • Wyves and decker. dual album release with Harper and the Moths, Bear Ghost, and Banana Gun at the Van Buren
  • All Ages Show with APE, TV Tragedy, American Rebel, Perfect Sense, and Earthwalker at 51 West
  • Tempe Art A Gogh Gogh 7th Anniversary with The Mission Creeps, Scorpion Vs Tarantula, Lenguas Largas, and Hollowpoint Vigils at the Yucca Tap Room
  • Painting Fences album release with The Runner Up, Zero Degrees North, and Moxytones at Pho Cao
  • Burgandy Jurk with Flying Half Full at Time Out Lounge
  • Angel Ray and Teri Church’s birthday show with Phoenix Hooker Cops, The Declaimed, Birth of Monsters, Eye Rake and Critical Miss at Rips Bar
  • Pacific Dub with The Ries Brothers, Pride Through Strife at Pub Rock Live
  • Scattered Melodies album release with Hyperbella at the Valley Bar
  • Mill’s End at the Cornish Pasty, Mesa
  • Dratini on the Rocks at the Grid

Saturday 29

  • Flogging Molly and Dropkick Murphy at the Mesa Amphitheatre
  • Sundressed with Way Under, American Standards, and Power Naps at Trunk Space
  • Playboy Manbaby 7 Year Anniversary Show with Treasure Mammal, Audrey Heartburn at the Valley Bar
  • Tony Cruzt Birthday Show with Deathride, Ass Wipe Junkies, Molotov Cockroach, Fatal Hit, and Skeleton Army at Casa Zuzia
  • San Tan Oktoberfest with Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers, The Black Moods, and 2 Tone Lizard Kings on the main stage with Clint Stevens Band, Darkness Dear Boy, Verona, Mighty Unlisted and Mind Upside on the Local Stage, Downtown Chandler
  • Joe Jack Talcum with Coolzey, Moodie Black, Snailmate, TOSO, and Andy Warpigs at 51 West
  • Talia Roya EP Release Show with Sydney Sprague, Dirty Sunset at the Rebel Lounge
  • Death Cab For Cutie with Charly Bliss at the Van Buren
  • Minx with Scorpion Vs Tarantula, Wild Gift(X cover band) at Pho Cao
  • 80’s Night With Paper Foxes, Bogan Via, and MRCH at the Yucca Tap Room
  • Shawn Johnson and the Foundation at the Rock Bar

Sunday 30

  • The Fibs, TOSO, and Emby Alexander at the Yucca Tap Room
  • Phoenix Afrobeat Orchestra with Atomga, Los Esplifs at Last Exit Live
  • The Underhill Family Orchestra with Sara Robinson Band and the Woodworks at Rogue Bar
  • The Goo Goo Dolls at the Van Buren

Monday 1

  • MC50 with Fat Gray Cat and The Dark Hearts at the Marquee Theatre
  • Interpol with Sunflower Bean at the Van Buren

Tuesday 2

  • Exxxtra Crispy at the Lost Leaf
  • Future Generations with Zuli, Paper Foxes at Rebel Lounge

Wednesday 3

  • Vitamin X at the Lunchbox

Thursday 4

  • Fea with Brain Zap, It’s Embarrassing, and Gwyneth Paltrow Afterparty at the Yucca Tap Room
  • Rockin’ Out Benefit for Breast Cancer Awareness with The Rebel Set, Venomous Pinks, Scorpion Vs Tarantula, and the Sturdy Ladies at Crescent Ballroom
  • APE, Some F-ing Band, and Manoz Zuziaz at Rips Bar
  • Troubled Minds Tour Kickoff with Instructions, The Living Receiver, Somone.Sober, and Rainy Days at the Rebel Lounge
  • Dovi with Boriko, Poison, and B Bohannon at the Lunchbox
  • Kbong with Kash’d Out, Clint Stevens at Pub Rock Live
  • Draem Taem, Sun Counscious, Magenta Rattlesnake, and Terf Bangs at Time Out Lounge

Friday 5

  • The Front Bottoms with Great Grandpa at the Van Buren
  • Incommunicado with the 2 Tone Lizard Kings at the Yucca Tap Room
  • The Wilt Family with the Blood Feud Family Singers at Rips Bar
  • Carrie Lynn Van Winkle with Sydney Sprague and the Banter at Rebel Lounge
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