Every Show Joe Says Go! 6-22-2018

22 Jun

This week is a lot busier when it comes to shows to go check out. Plus if brave enough to face the heat, we have the last Warped Tour in Phoenix in the mix! See you out there at a show!

Friday 22

  • Tri-State Punk Rock Throwdown with Version Two, War Fever, and Rundown Roommates at Time Out Lounge
  • Starcross’s Final Performance with Halocene, It’s All Grizzly, Good Samaritan, Minor Hysteria, Sunbleached, and Also Looks Like Mountains at Club Red
  • Mega Ran and Bag of Tricks Cat’s Emerald Knights 2 release at the Monarch Theatre
  • Creepsville 666 and the Devillains at Rips Bar
  • PAO with Novala and Hyperbella at Last Exit Live
  • The Breaking Pattern, Broken Girls from Affluent Backgrounds, Sleepwar, and Moon to Sun at Rebel Lounge
  • The Drop Dead Diablos, Shotgun Pearl, Villains In Heat at Chopper Johns
  • The Sugar Thieves at the Rhythm Room

Saturday 23

  • Drew Embree Memorial Show with Some Jaywalkers, The Villains In Heat, and APE at Andy’s Pad. Hit up The Freakin Jester’s Court for address.
  • Tempe Sour with Manic Monkeys at the Yucca Tap Room, 2PM start
  • Summer Round Robin with Asa Martin, Matt Decaro, Chuck Arock, Naveen Borojerdi, Austin Antoine, and Sore Eyes at the Trunk Space
  • Punk Night Saturday with War Boy, The Dead Beat Hymns, Birth of Monsters, Grimm, and The Bleadouts at the Grid
  • Hockey Dad, Cold Fronts, Mt. Eddy, and Cheap Hotels at the Rebel Lounge
  • The Bovine Fury, Tracey Rappa, and Moons, Birds and Monsters at Chopper Johns
  • Katchafire with EN Young and Imperial Sound, EarthKry, Chad Rubin, Clint Stevens, Torn at the Seam and Good Rust at Marquee Theatre
  • Will From Brazil at Lost Leaf
  • War Fever, Version Two, Reason Unknown, Perdicion, and Inciting Riots at the Tower Bar, San Diego, CA

Sunday 24

  • Dual Record Release Show for System Restore and Off the Mark with FoL, Hall 13, and Ethan 103 at the Yucca Tap Room
  • Weathers, People Who Could Fly, and Michael Coughlin at Rebel Lounge

Monday 25

  • Benefit For Cheno with Upstart 33, Threat Test, Mad World at House of Bards, Tucson

Tuesday 26

  • Dave Hillyard and the Rocksteady 7 with Mr. Incommunicado and Bowcat at the Valley Bar
  • Bridge City Sinners, Clyde and the Milltailers, the Haymarket Squares, and Travis James and the Acrimonious Assembly of Arsonists at the Trunk Space
  • Krovak, Corky’s Leather Jacket, and Sewer Gap opening for the U.S. Bombs at Rebel Lounge
  • Brick + Mortar, The Unlikely Candidates, and The Sink or Swim at Pub Rock Live
  • Shit Show Duo at Rips Bar

Wednesday 27

  • Street Dogs, Left Alone, and The Last Gang at the Rebel Lounge
  • Todash Chimes, Aerico, The Doyenne, and Bitter, Inc with JC Meyers at the Trunk Space
  • Offical Warped Tour Pre-Party with Eclipse For Eyes, Olio, Fairy Bones, Vanilla Sugar, and City In Ashes as Joe’s Grotto
  • Indigo Kidd, Soft Deadlines, and Adero at Chopper Johns
  • Chip Hanna at Rips Bar

Thursday 28

  • Warped Tour with Authority Zero, Fenix TX, Doll Skin, Reel Big Fish, Sharptooth, Captain Squeegee, Assuming We Survive, After The Calm and others at the Ak Chin Pavilion
  • The Bittersweet Way with Dadadoh + the POC, TOSO, and Post Hoc at the Crescent Ballroom
  • Divided Heaven, Soft Deadlines, and Derik Envy(True Rivals) at the Yucca Tap Room

Friday 29

  • The Quakes with the Belfry Bats at the Rebel Lounge
  • Simple Malfunction LP release with The Linecutters, Brian Cooper’s Ghost, and Not Confined at the Trunk Space
  • I Am Hologram, Moons, Birds & Monsters, Manic Monkeys, and Carol Pacey and the Honey Shakers at Chopper Johns
  • Local Band Showcase with Rundown Roommates, Jon Scott, Brandon Redelo, and more at the Marquee Theatre
  • Vividus, Fly The Coup, Mama Butane, and Naming Our Monsters at Time Out Lounge
  • Go Outside, Brother Teresa, and Oo at the last show at the Cairo House
  • Surf Tour Kickoff with The Bittersweet Way, Surf Ave, The Lonesome Wilderness, and Pretty Years at the Rogue Bar
  • Moment of Ruin, Johnny G, Showie, and Kari Jolay at the Hotel Monte Vista, Flagstaff
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