Concerts To Consoles 

Concerts To Consoles: Episode 30 – Harry Jerkface

The man most know as Harry Jerkface jumps on for the challenge into one of the harder games to appear on Concerts to Consoles, T&C Surf Design on the NES. Learn about his deep music past all the way back to the islands of Hawaii to city of L.A. and the desert of Phoenix!

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The Warmth of a Basement Show

Basement shows are a staple of music in various cities around the country. However, here in Phoenix, we have about two venues that count as basements. The first is a more recent one, the Valley Bar, and the second one is the Nile Underground, with a bit of age and history to it. One downside of a basement in a historic building is the ventilation and air conditioning doesn’t usually make it all the way down. For the music fans in Phoenix and a couple bands, this ends up a…

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