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Every Show Joe Says Go! 10-18-2019

Things tapering off from the past couple weeks, with good Arizona music events on each end and a touch choice for fans of punk rock on Wednesday on this episode of Every Show Joe Says Go!

Friday 18

  • Apache Lake Music Festival 10th Anniversary – Day 1 featuring Jared & The Mill, Sara Robinson Band, Wyves, Japhy’s Descent, Bear Ghost, Dr. Delicious, The Deadbeat Cousins, and plenty more at Apache Lake
  • The Atom Age with The New Guinea Pigs on the Block, Corridor Sixteen at Yucca Tap Room
  • Miles to Nowhere, Top Shelf Shake, Hall 13, NEATO and Johnny Gowans at Tempe Tavern
  • Flames of Durga with The Sturdy Ladies and El Googly Diablo at Chopper Johns
  • Homegrown with Mo Local Showcase featuring music from Alex Mullins and The Color 8 plus comedians at Copper Blues Live, Desert Ridge
  • The Spirit of The Beehive with Dent and Herbert Walker at the Trunk Space
  • The Reverend Payton’s Big Damn Band with The Haymarket Squares at Crescent Ballroom
  • Bitter Allegiance with Vic Tims and the Kentucky Rifles with Double Cross at Rips Bar
  • Prissy Whip, Reclaim, The Sheaves, and Disruptor at The Lunchbox
  • Rocket Steadman with The Zoniez, and Kavalactones at Time Out Lounge
  • Crunk Witch with Kawaii Robot Shark at Bonus Round

Saturday 19

  • Apache Lake Music Festival 10th Anniversary – Day 2 featuring Kongos, Decker., Fairy Bones, Haley Green, The Stakes, The Woodworks, Los Chollas Peligrosas, Future Exes, Fat Gray Cat, and plenty more at Apache Lake
  • 4th Annual Rock the Box with AJJ, Sewer Gap, and DJ NotGoth at The Pressroom
  • The Walnuts Album Release with No Lungs, Blu Joy, Not Confined, and Acne Superstar plus Getting Stoked at the Trunk Space
  • The Linecutters, Go Outside, Caracara, and Grand Pricks at Pebble Beach. Hit up a band for address.
  • The Posters with El Googly Diablo, Clam Slam, and Pop Icons at Time Out Lounge
  • The Cole Trains, American Longspurs, and Jim Bachmann and the Day Drinkers at the Rock Bar
  • The Bovine Fury and The Earps at Chopper Johns
  • Hobo Johnson and the Lovemakers with Mom Jeans, the Philharmonik, and Nate Curry at the Van Buren
  • Joans of Rock featuring The Exbats, Cadaver Dabba Doos, Modpods, and more at the Quarry, Bisbee

Sunday 20

  • Spicy Mayo Album Release with Dwayne and the Rock Hard Johnsons, Dadadoh and the POC, and Audrey Heartburn at the Rebel Lounge
  • Day Drinking with Jason Devore plus Meatbag, of Squared and No Composure, Andy Higgins, from NEATO, and ShameHole at the Yucca Tap Room, 1PM
  • Sum 41 with The Amity Affliction, The Plot In You at the Marquee Theatre

Monday 21

  • Mephiskapheles with Voices of Addiction, Bowcat, and We Might Be Wasted at the Yucca Tap Room

Tuesday 22

  • Lucero with Vandoliers at Crescent Ballroom
  • Brooks Hubbard Band with Captive Cooks, Austin Sweeny at Yucca Tap Room

Wednesday 23

  • Lagwagon and Face to Face with Destroy Boys at the Pressroom
  • Bar Stool Preachers with Squared and Leigh Dekay at the Yucca Tap Room
  • Fall Children with Altercation, Heavy Breather, Molotov Cockraoch, and Dumpster Hump at the Palo Verde
  • Ultravoilet Communication with Boycott!, Blu Joy, and Juniper Ridge at the Rhythm Room
  • John-Allison Weiss with LadyDan, Sydney Sprague, and Rae Lydia at the Trunk Space
  • Tenacious D at Comerica Theatre
  • Peelander-Z with A Band Called Sports at the Green Room, Flagstaff

Thursday 24

  • Peelander-Z with Grade 2, U.S. Depressed, The Dead Beat Hymns, Krovak, and Killing Sunday at the Yucca Tap Room
  • Flower Chow with Hyperchromatic, Mouse Dog Bird at the Rhythm Room
  • Trash Can Romeos and Tin Can Screamers at Chopper Johns
  • Incubus at Comerica Theatre

Friday 25

  • 8th Annual Punk Rock Halloween Bash and Monster Midway Night 1 with Ham as Ramones, El Googly Diablo and friends as The Dead Milkmen, EyeBreaker as Slayer, O.F.A. as something, various as Partisans, Ass Bleed Corky’s as Aus Rotten, and one more at Yucca Tap Room
  • Thee Faded Pyctures, The Vooduo, 16 Eyes, and the Rebel Set at Chopper Johns
  • The Linecutters and FoL at the Rebel Lounge
  • An Evening with Manic Monkeys plus Comptalo, Rockin’ Chair, and Murphy’s Outlaw at Pho Cao
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