Every Show Joe Says Go! 8-10-2018

10 Aug

I guess without the regular monsoon dumping of rain you probably are wanting to go see some music? I got you covered on that for the next seven days right here!

Friday 10

  • Mega Ran, Bear Ghost, Alfred Banks, and The Color 8 at Last Exit Live
  • Press Gang Union, Working Mutts, Ass Wipe Junkies, Bowcat, and Rage and Peace at Time Out Lounge
  • Pride Through Strife, Clint Stevens, and Eye of Fire at the Rebel Lounge
  • Benefit for JT(9 Year old who is battling cancer) with Outlaw Inlaws, The Bellwethers, The Hardways, and Mill’s End at Chopper Johns
  • No Volcano, The Rebel Set, and French Girls at Valley Bar
  • Gravedweller with Conner Carmody and Kool Aid Jones at 51 West
  • Terra Fractal, The Woodworks, The Bovine Fury, and Baron Rickshaw at Rips Bar
  • Jamulation with Manic Monkeys and Pulled Pork at Pho Cao
  • Shot in the Dark with Pyrotechnica and Tribunus at the Nile Underground

Saturday 11

  • The Ataris’ So Long Astoria 15th Anniversary Tour with Skull Drug and Perfect Sense at Pub Rock Live
  • The Summertime Shakedown with The Big Spank, Dark Hearts and Abraham Drinkin at the Yucca Tap Room
  • TOSO and Exxxtra Crispy at the Cornish Pasty Tempe
  • W0RK, Treasure Mammal, Golden Boots, and GLOB at The Trunk Space
  • Vic Tims and the Kentucky Rifles, Aggressive Express, Retro Weasel, and Wurmfur at Time Out Lounge
  • Kim Capria and the Banter Trio at Sip Coffee and Beer Garage, 5PM to 9PM
  • Ben Nichols, of Lucero, and Oliver Peck at the Crescent Ballroom
  • Buffalo Snow, Foxadillo, Japhy’s Descent, and Ali A and the Agency at Pho Cao
  • San Pedro El Cortez, Manhands, Mooseknuckle Sandwich, and Blasphemous Inebriation at Chopper Johns

Sunday 12

  • Birth of Monsters, DOMS, Not Confined and Shamehole! at the Yucca Tap Room
  • Weezer and the Pixies at Ak Chin Pavilion
  • Coheed and Cambria, Taking Back Sunday, and The Story So Far at Comerica Theatre

Monday 13

Tuesday 14

  • Myster Owl, MASQ, and Captured Thoughts at Bonus Round
  • Carvin Jones Band at Yucca Tap Room

Wednesday 15

  • Be Like Max with Krovak, Alex Squared, Torn at the Seam, and Late Night Frenzy at the Krusty Palmz
  • Big Business with the Oxford Coma at the Yucca Tap Room
  • Rock ‘n Roll High School Showcase with People Who Could Fly, We Revolt, Between the Dark, Fret Buzz, and more at the Crescent Ballroom

Thursday 16

  • Kill Your TV Farewell Show at the PPC
  • The Band Ice Cream, Dinosaur Love, and Andy Warpigs at the Yucca Tap Room
  • Ali A & The Agency, Panic Baby, Adero, and Other Women at Crescent Ballroom
  • Hacksaw and His Paid Off Woodchips at Rips Bar
  • Gabo, from Fayuca, at the Rock Bar

Friday 17

  • The Imaginarium of Doctor Punkass’s with Psychedelic Medusa, TV Tragedy, Birth of Monsters, Shamehole, APE, and Dumpster Hump at the Yucca Tap Room
  • The NuZkoolAZ Indie Rock Night with Medvedi, Sorrytown, Andy Warpigs, Acne Super Star and the Maybe Next Years at the Trunk Space
  • Cockswain at Rosie McCraffeys
  • Nicks Adulthood Bash with Fatal Hit, Corky’s Leather Jacket, Manoz Zuziaz, and Ass Wipe Junkies at the Krusty Palms
  • S. Bombs at BLK Live
  • Tapestrees, Draem Taem, Off-White Honda, and Friendly Stranger at Time Out Lounge
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