Every Show Joe Says Go! 7-6-2018

6 Jul

On this Second Friday of the week I tell you about the busiest Sunday’s of music in a while amongst the next seven days of music you should be at. Be sure to make it out to some it and say hi you see me!

Friday 6

  • Burgandy Jurk’s CD Release with Hollowpoint Vigils, Critical Miss at Rips Bar
  • Kill Your TV, General Anxiety, Aerico, and Audrey Heartburn at Time Out Lounge
  • The Twotakes and Coyote Tango at Bonus Round
  • Sara Robinson Band with Mississippi Nova, Bad Funk, and Wurmfur at the Rogue Bar
  • Whiskey Tango at Chopper Johns
  • Killing Sunday, Endless Muse, Jessie Gestrin, and Katelyn Litwiller at Pho Cao
  • The Sugar Thieves at the Nile

Saturday 7

  • Primus with Mastadon, JJUUJJUU at Comerica Theatre
  • Hyperbella with Astrud Aurelia at Rips Bar
  • The 13th Victim, Rage & Peace, Earthwalker, Fatal Hit, and Useless Society at the Krusty Palmz
  • Anarbor with Silent Rival at Crescent Ballroom

Sunday 8

  • Beat The Heat with Bear Ghost, Sundressed, Wyves, Wheelwrite, Mr. Mudd and Mr Gold, and Flamenco Por La Vida at the Crescent Ballroom
  • Manic Monkeys and The Woodworks at the Yucca Tap Room, Afternoon show
  • Weird Night, robot (re)Pair, and Drats at a Tempe Backyard Show, find the Facebook event or hit up a band for location.
  • Castlecomer, Panic Baby, and Clementine at the Rebel Lounge
  • Moodie Black, Night Of The Living Shred, KVLT, Roxwell Z, and Hollowpoint Vigils at Tempe Tavern

Monday 9

  • Jared & The Mill free show with a video shoot at the Crescent Ballroom
  • Round Eye, Phoenix Hooker Cops, The Declaimed, and D.O.S. at Rips Bar

Tuesday 10

  • Woody Locke, of the Sanderlings, with Harry Jerkface at the 51 West
  • Hawthorne Heights at the Green Room, Flagstaff

Wednesday 11

  • Negative Approach, Dayglo Abortions, Sex Prisoner, Saintbreaker, and Woundvac at Pub Rock Live

Thursday 12

  • HWY! with Heavy Breather, UFO Dictators, and Aerico at the Lunchbox
  • Bitter Nasty, Draem Taem, and A Boy Named John at Time Out Lounge
  • Mill’s End, Wurmfur, and Wait for the Sun at the Rogue Bar
  • Philly and Stilly, from the Black Bottom Lighters, at the Rock Bar

Friday 13

  • Contradiktion’s Comp Release and 12th Anniversary Show with Contradiktion, Compilation of bands, Sluts These Days, and Simple Malfunction at the Yucca Tap Room
  • Calabrese, Zombeast, and The Limit Club at the Rebel Lounge
  • The Haymarket Squares, Lucky Lenny, and Goonight, Texas at Last Exit Live
  • Vic Tims & The Kentucky Rifles, Andy Warpigs, and the Bleadouts at Rips Bar
  • Manic Monkeys at Time Out Lounge
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