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Every Show Joe Says Go! 5-18-2018

This week has a little more, with some shows through the 29th. I may not have enough time before I head to Punk Rock Bowling XX to do the weekly update, but still wanted to make sure you had some shows to consider in case I couldn’t! See you guys and gals out at a show or Punk Rock Bowling!

Friday 18

  • Zero Degrees North EP Release with Kill Your TV, and No Lungs at the Trunk Space
  • Spanish Love Songs with LightSpeedGo, Ghost in the Willow, and Black Paw at Rebel Lounge
  • Old Fashion Assassin album release with Sanitation Squad, Stone Witch, Psych Med, and HVY at Tempe Tavern
  • Shovel and General Anxiety at Cornish Pasty Tempe
  • The Cadaver Dabba Doos, Villains in Heat, and Man Hands at Rips Bar
  • The Wonder Years with Tigers Jaw, Worriers at Marquee Theater
  • Hello, Summer! Tour with Jamey Geston, Josh Bierman, Jamaica, and Mike Spero at Pho Cao

Saturday 19

  • Too Broke To Bowl 2018 with Reason Unknown, Dumpster Hump, The Effects, Kool Aid Jones, Birth of Monsters, Alex Gio of Alex Squared, and Hobo Bastard at Time Out Lounge
  • Hi My Name Is Ryan “Honestly” Album Release with James Fella, Hiccups, and Dinosaur Love at the Cardiff Giant Tattoo
  • Mary’s Food Bank Benefit Show with Vintage Clothes, The Doyenne, Cheap Hotels, Honey Danger and the I-10 Shooters, What Happened To Judy Winslow, and 613 Floods at the Trunk Space
  • Battered Suitcases with The Evans Bell Conversation, The Sturdy Ladies and Cadaver Dabba Doos at the Lost Leaf
  • Sporg, Yard Art, Moon Heist, and Sore Eyes at the Rebel Lounge, 12:30 PM show
  • Together Pangea, No Parents, and Kill Your TV at the Rebel Lounge, 6:30 PM show
  • Prescott Valley Music Festival Day 1 with Sam Braxton, Interfate, Usagi, Doll Skin, and more at the Theater on the Green, Prescott Valley

Sunday 20

  • The Rebel Lounge 3 Year Anniversary with the Sink or Swim, Rival Coast, Coyotes Tango, and Dirty Sunset at the Rebel Lounge
  • Prescott Valley Music Festival Day 2 with Moons, Birds, and Monsters, Usagi, and more at the Theater on the Green, Prescott Valley

Monday 21

  • Lee Stetson, Shari Rowe, The Banter, and Rowdy Johnson Band at the Rebel Lounge

Tuesday 22

  • MC Chris, Mega Ran, and Bitforce at the Rebel Lounge
  • Machine, Leonhardt, and Andy Warpigs at the Yucca Tap Room
  • Bleachers with Diet Cig at the Van Buren

Wednesday 23

  • The Freeze with the Father Figures at Rips Bar, Early start and says it will end by 9
  • Set Your Anchor, Minor Morals, Upstart 33, Thug Riot, and Madworld at the House of Bards, Tucson

Thursday 24

  • Days N Daze, Juice Karkass, Ground Score, Crazy & The Brains, and the Dead Beat Hymns at Club Red
  • Broken Girls From Affluent Backgrounds EP Release with El West, Celebration Guns, and Post Hoc at Rebel Lounge
  • Tina Estes WSG, Hyper Bella, Lon Hack and the Tarantula Trio at Valley Bar

Friday 25

  • Punk Rock Bowling Day 1, Las Vegas
  • Tempe Art A Gogh Gogh with The Dark Hearts, Ese, Labor Party, The Lonely Stars, Cowpunk K, and more at Yucca Tap Room
  • Body Count with Jasta, Inept Hero, My Life Sentence, Fatal Malady, and We Steal Copper at the Marquee Theatre
  • MRCH, Twin Ritual and Paper Foxes at the Lunchbox

Saturday 26

  • Punk Rock Bowling Day 2, Las Vegas
  • Inner Depths, N.F.O.E., Robocoitus, and Monty O’Blivion at the Grid
  • Bob Log III with Outlaw Inlaws at the Rhythm Room
  • Painting Fences 6th Anniversary Show with The Larkspurs, The Scorched, When We Met, and Moons, Birds, and Monsters at the Rogue Bar
  • The Effects at Time Out Lounge

Sunday 27

  • Punk Rock Bowling Day 3, Las Vegas
  • Subhumans, Corrupted Youth, and The Flossies at the Rebel Lounge
  • Man Hands, Ten High and Shovel at the Lunchbox
  • When in AZ Volume 2 Comp show with The Echo Bombs, Psychedelephants, The Necronauts, The Woodworks, Saddles, The Bourgeois Beggars, and The Bittersweet Way at Rogue Bar

Monday 28

  • Punk Rock Bowling Day 4, Las Vegas
  • Hawthorne Heights, Listener, Hotel Books, Sienna Skies, and Heavy Things at the Rebel Lounge

Tuesday 29

  • Joe McMahon, of Smoke or Fire, Jay Northington, Yotem Ben Horin, and Jared Stinson at the Yucca Tap Room
  • Broloaf, Two Man Advantage, We Might Be Wasted, Wire Feeder, and Birth of Monsters at Time Out Lounge
  • Cheap Hotels, Colour TV, SOMA, and Hazardous For Humans at the Rebel Lounge
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