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Every Show Joe Says Go! 4-6-2018

Another week, and this one is really good! Friday is packed, as is Saturday, and something for you on the rest of the next seven days!

Friday 6

  • Playboy Manbaby, TOSO, and Not Confined triple album release with Exxxtra Crispy at the Rebel Lounge
  • There Is Danger EP Release show with Celebration Guns, Sun System, and Jake Arrington at the Trunk Space
  • TIki Bandits with Bowcat and Rundown Roommates at the Yucca Tap Room
  • Low Cut Connie with Mr. Mudd & Mr. Gold, and Roman Buffalo at Last Exit Live
  • Dick Dale with Grave Danger at the Rhythm Room
  • Krusty Folk with Bellow.Wing , Strangely, and Critical Miss at the Krusty Palmz
  • Parlor Birds with the Bittersweet Way at the Rockbar
  • Cadaver Dabba Doos with Emperor Asshole, Noonday Devils, and Godspeedball at Time Out Lounge
  • Jennifer and Janet’s Birthday Celebration with Shotgun Pearl, Kiss the Sun, Leagues of Zeros and Shit Show Duo at Chopper Johns
  • Vic Tims and the Tuck Kentucky Rifles with The Puglistics, Whiskey and the Barrels, and HVY at Rips Bar
  • Kim Capria, Premisssis, and Steve Mak at the Pho Cao
  • Night Swim featuring Mission G, I, Paraiah, Interfate, Undefined, Fireglass, and Came to Conquer at BLK Live
  • The Battle For KFMA Day with Bordertown Devils, A Fall to Break, exit-dream, Sorrows Ruin, and Stands With Fist at The Rock, Tucson

Saturday 7

  • Unity Spring Festival Day 1 with Wyves, Scorpion Vs Tarantula, The Darts, The Two Tens, Grave Dagner, Ghetto Cowgirl and more at Yucca Tap Room
  • Doll Skin with Powerman 5000 at Tempe Marketplace
  • Warped Your Prom! With Closet Goth Album Release plus Red Tank!, Negro Galacticus, Will House, Raven Agent at the Trunk Space
  • When In AZ Vol. 2: Music Compilation Launch party with Treasure Mammal, Terminal 11, Lana Del Rabies, Lav Andula, Amethyst Seer, and Fugly Chuds at the Valley Bar
  • Incommunicado with Nomada and guests at Rips Bar
  • Foxadillo, Lawnchair, Sedan Sedan, and Other Women at Pho Cao
  • Carol Pacey and the Honey Shakers, Southwest By Midnight, and the Black Bottom Lighters at the Rockbar
  • Hell or Highwater with AEGES, Radiofix, and The Dose at Club Red
  • Will From Brazil and David Rosales at the Lost Leaf

Sunday 8

  • Unity Spring Festival Day 2 with Dr. Delicious, Sara Robinson Band, The Woodworks, Japhy’s Descent, Clint Stevens, Sunset Voodoo, Page the Village Idiot, I Am Hologram and more at Yucca Tap Room
  • TGTG with Soft Deadlines, Painting Fences, and Lo Standard at the Rogue Bar
  • Carvin Jones at the Green Room, Flagstaff

Monday 9

  • Diners with Dingbat Superminx, Doomed to Bloom, and GABI at the Trunk Space

Tuesday 10

  • Wait For the Sun, Sunny Side, Fairy Bones, Colten Hood, and Sore Eyes at the Rogue Bar
  • Destroy All Gondolas with Gutara KYO, Puppy and the Handjobs, and a guest at Palo Verde Lounge

Wednesday 11

  • Hunny with Made Violent, Fring and Luxxe at the Rebel Lounge

Thursday 12

  • Steaksauce Mustache, Florida Man, Wolf King with American Standards, Glitterbomb, and the Deadbeat Hymns at The Nile
  • Psychotica, Draemings, and I Am Hologram at the Rebel Lounge
  • Frosty and the Silvertones with Whiskey Kiss at the Rhythm Room

Friday 13

  • Some Kind of Nightmare with We Might Be Wasted, Deathride at Time Out Lounge
  • When In AZ Volume 2 with Soft Deadlines, Fatigo, The Edisons, Robin Vining, The Invisible Teal, and Bearistotle at the Rebel Lounge
  • The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus with Sunday at Noon and After the Calm at Pub Rock Live
  • Marc and Roni’s Birthday Show with Ghetto Cowgirl, Banana Gun, Japhy’s Descent and Pistoleros at Last Exit Live
  • Sugar Thieves with the Lucky Losers at the Rhythm Room
  • Incommunicado with Lippi-Osborne Combo at the Hotel Monte Vista, Flagstaff
  • The Expanders with Sensamotion and Dubbest at the Green Room, Flagstaff
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