Every Show Joe Says Go! 11-9-2017

9 Nov

This week’s is as I will be running out to a Thursday night home game. But I wanted to make sure even tonight’s stuff was covered. So be sure to catch a couple of these and maybe I’ll see you out at a show!

Thursday 9

  • R.I. with Deathwish, 80D, Intent, and Heatstroke at Club Red
  • Dumpster Hump with Birth of Monsters, The Dead Beat Hymns, and Mooseknuckle Sandwich at Wanderin, Phoenix
  • Great Shapes with Manic Monkeys, Soft Deadlines, and Mouse Dog Bird at the Trunk Space
  • The Color 8, Futurespeak, The Sink or Swim, and Fly the Coup at Rebel Lounge
  • Bloody Rogue Bastards with Community Center and Snailmate at Chopper Johns
  • Oceans Ate Alaska, Afterlife, Dayseeker, Invent Animate, and Constellations at the Nile Theater

Friday 10

  • Good Rust and Mind Upside dual album release show with Clint Stevens, Howard Til Midnight, and Why Worry at Last Exit Live
  • Punxgiving with Whiskey and the Barrels, Birth of Monsters, Dumpster Hump, Ass Wipe Junkies, Hallowpoint Vigils, and Who Gives a Shit and the Fuck Yous at Time Out Lounge
  • Mesa Music Festival with White Demons, People Who Could Fly, Clint Stevens, Hollowpoint Vigils, Snailmate, The Swink or Swim, Dawson Rutledge, and more, Downtown Mesa
  • Phantom Party EP release show with John Bradley, Kelley Bader, Troubled Minds, Zero Degrees North, and Broke Hearts and Body Parts at Trunk Space
  • Alice Cooper’s Proof is in the Pudding Finals at the Van Buren
  • The Stanley’s, Carol Pacey and the Honeyshakers, and the Bellwethers at Chopper Johns
  • Bummerfest with Mishka Shubaly, Daniel Coon, Meaghan Grant, and Sex Lasagna at Third Space

Saturday 11

  • Fare Game with Callshot, Rundown Roommates, Becoming Legends, and Meaghan Grant at Yucca Tap Room
  • Mesa Music Festival with Sunset Voodoo, Manual Sex Drive, Snailmate, General Anxiety, We Revolt, Sunday at Noon, Vex, and more, Downtown Mesa (POD)
  • Skoog’s 8 Year Anniversary at TT Roadhouse with The Mission Creeps, Dark Hearts at TT Roadhouse
  • Two Year Birthday Show for the Grid with Void Breaker, Kawaii Robot Shark, and the Ganderers at The Grid
  • Endless Nightmare Tour with Define Existance, Mente Arma, Cataleptic Fear, Sewer Gap, and Burning Roach at the Krusty Palms, ask for location
  • Metalvember with Cutthroat Gorgeous, American Standards, Your Hands Write History, The Beast of Bailey Downs, and a Deadly Awakening at the Blooze Bar
  • The Effects at the Lost Leaf
  • Incommunicado with the Lippi Osborne Combo at the Hotel Monte Vista, Flagstaff

Sunday 12

  • The Front Bottoms with Basement, Bad Bad Hats at the Van Buren
  • Sorority Noise, Great Grandpa at the Nile Theater

Monday 13

  • The Battalion of Saints with Opposition Rising, The Cryptics, FLQ, and Heavy Breather at the Yucca Tap Room
  • Iron Chic at the Green Room, Flagstaff

Tuesday 14

  • Iron Chic with Off With Their Heads, Black Paw, and robot (re)pair at Rebel Lounge
  • Birth of Monsters, Dumpster Hump, the Cadaver Dabba Doos, Jaywalkers, and Meaghan Grant at Rips Bar
  • Hovvdy, Diners, and Elna Rae at the Trunk Space
  • Molotov Cockroach, The Windermeres, Aggressive Express, and Deep Cuts at the Rogue Bar

Wednesday 15

  • Propaghandhi with RVIVR, Bad Cop/Bad Cop at Club Red
  • Tera Melos, Speedy Ortiz, and Dent at Rebel Lounge

Thursday 16

  • Calabrese with Creepsville 666, Krovak at Rebel Lounge
  • Liam Gallagher(original lead singer of Oasis) at the Van Buren
  • Morrissey at the Marquee Theatrel
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