Every Show Joe Says Go! 6-1-2017

1 Jun

The weekly video is good to go. Find a show, go out, and share all the ones you live with your friends! Hopefully see you out at one!

Thursday 1

  • Miles to Nowhere with Plants After Dark, Like Fire, and an acoustic set from Good Boy Daisy at Wasted Grain
  • Yucca’s New Faces of Rock show with Billionlightyearland, Futurespeak, Post Hoc, and Finite Fiction
  • Josh Bierman Band, Heritage and the Real Fits at Rebel Lounge
  • Westbrook Tour Kickoff show with Gold Steps, Tree Season, Constellations and more TBA at the Trunk Space.
  • Nocturnal North, Warriors of the Month and Terra Fractal at Valley Bar
  • A-Mac and the Height, Clint Stevens, Good Rust, and Mob Vs Ballot Box at Shady Park

Friday 2

  • Summer of Ska series: Brava, with The Effects and Jack the Cat at Yucca Tap. Plus Authority Zero Listening Party on the other side of Yucca.
  • Manoz Zuziaz, Noogy, Heatstroke, Soma, Masteroid, and Sarah Armstutz at the Compound(Phoenix one)
  • Jonathan Thomas and the Little Room Band, Carol Pacey and the Honeyshakers, The Hottman Sisters, and Tracey Rappa and the Eat at Rogue Bar
  • Exohmusic with Liffey Suicide Pact, Manic Monkeys, the Majority Band, and the Heartless Bartons at Tempe Tavern
  • Fleetwood Mac Vs Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers: Vintage Wednesday, Jane n’ the Jungle, and Ruca on the Fleetwood covers and Black Bottom Lighters, The Sink Or Swim, and Mind Upside on the Tom Petty covers at Last Exit Live
  • Youvees with The Edisons, Chatora at Time Out Lounge
  • Guttermouth with Playboy Manbaby, Undefined, Ethan 103, Silent Us, and Brian Coopers Ghost at Jackass Bar and Grill, Prescott

Saturday 3

  • Authority Zero album release show with Guttermouth, Howerd Til Midnight, Nomada, Torn at the Seam, and Ebeneezer at Marquee Theatre
  • Skating Polly with Diego Galvan, and Sad Dance Party at the Nile Theater
  • Facemelter Jam, Angels and Aliens, Unagi Usagi, Painting Fences, Manic Monkeys, and Comptalo at Rogue Bar
  • Couples Fight release show with Hotrock Supajoint at the Casa Butthole
  • Chess at Breakfast, The Apaches, James Brown Band Band, and Soma at Time Out Lounge
  • Women Only Vol 3 with Lana Del Rabies, AZ Schumer, Bert, and Mr. Eicats at Pho Cao
  • Third Space 3rd Anniversary Show with The Rebel Set, Bowcat, and Jackie Mendez and Angel City Records Revue

Sunday 4

  • Nina Diaz, See, Bad Funk, and Headstrum at the Rebel Lounge
  • Bush with the Kickback at Marquee Theatre
  • Skating Polly and Gal Pals, THEONE at The Shop, Prescott

Monday 5

  • Saints of Never After, Oceans Deep, Good Ol Joel, and Miles Prime at the Trunk Space

Tuesday 6

  • Days n Daze with We the Heathens, Sad Kid, Travis James and the Acromonious Assembly of Arsonists, and Diego Galvan at The Trunk Space. Travis James/Diego split release too!
  • Smooth Hound Smith, Cisco and the Racars, and Danielle Durack at the Rebel Lounge

Wednesday 7

  • Siamese, Fraydee Cat, Kolezanka, and Twin Ponies at Trunk Space
  • Whores, Wrong, Bummer, and Hillbillly Devilspeak at Rebel Lounge
  • ’68 with Listener, The Homeless Gospel Choir, and Sunday at Noon at Pub Rock Live

Thursday 8

  • The Punk Rebellion with After the Calm, The Take Over, Starcross, Expiration Date, and Broke Hearts and Body Parts at the Rebel Lounge
  • Homegrown with Mo with New Chums, A Step Ahead, and Divided Minds at Pub Rock Live
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