Down In The Underground

Sometimes you just got to power through the pain for things you love. That applies to this night’s show in two ways. First, I was two days removed from spraining my knee in the pit at Agent Orange. However, I’d been looking forward to seeing friends in the Bombpops and these three bands together for about two months. I wasn’t going to miss the opportunity to be there even if I had to wear a compression brace to be able stand for it. Second, it was the Nile Underground. If…

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Artist Spotlight Concerts 

Artist Spotlight: Potty Mouth

In my latest artist spotlight, it is a case for why you show up early for every band. I first saw Potty Mouth as part of the tour with Skating Polly. Skating Polly was a band I was recommended prior, but had not had a chance to watch live before. Though before those guys played there was this band called Potty Mouth. They are an all-girl four piece live, and three piece otherwise, that brought an enthusiasm to the stage. They played a pop punk brand of music with fantastic…

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