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Every Show Joe Says Go! 10-13-2023

This week we open talking my silly sports superstitions with the D-backs going further into the playoffs plus your regular dose of show suggestions!

Friday 13 (All times AZ/MST times unless otherwise noted)

  • TV Tragedy 10th Anniversary Show with the Pawns, Sick in the Head, and Sapphire with Kyle and Jamie’s wedding ceremony at Time Out Lounge – 8 PM
  • Inspector at the Silverado Nightclub – 9 PM
  • Friday the 13th Punk rock Show with Punk Daddy, The Manicdotes, Louis on Tour, and Pop Icons at Taproom 120 – 8 PM
  • Colonelfest the 13th featuring Sorrower, Rapid Fire, Overstand, and Flesh Prison at Yucca Tap Room – 8 PM
  • Scattered Guts with Sleeping with the Witch, Nooses and Terramort at the Beast (Cornish Pasty Tempe) – 8 PM
  • Carol Pacey and Andy Borunda at Goldwater Brewing Co South Tempe Crossings – 6 PM
  • L3mon with Electrisad, Weston Smith, Plush World TV at the Trunk Space. Ask you mask inside. – 7:30 PM
  • Better Lovers with Bite the Hand, Deathdotgov at the Nile – 7 PM
  • Dexter and the Moonrocks with Winterhaven at the Orpheum Theater, Flagstaff – 8 PM
  • Floating World Fest featuring The Ephemeral, Josue Kinter, Gutter Town, and more at the Screening Room, Tucson – 4 PM
  • Scott Klopfenstein over at – 9 PM

Saturday 14

  • Mustard Plug, Big D and the Kids Table and Matamoska with Bowcat at the Nile – 6 PM
  • Diesel Boy with Reason Unknown, No Gimmick, and Winterhaven at the Nile Underground – 6 PM
  • Simple Malfunction with Fauna, Lovechild of Melancholy, and the Logan & Kyle Experience at the Trunk Space. Ask you wear a mask inside. – 7:30 PM
  • Camel Enamel, Lost Dutchmen, Bulletproof Backpack, and Debocalypse at Rips Bar – 9 PM
  • Suppressor, Okinawa Plane Crash, Dogyard, Bullet Babe, and Dogs Throw Spears at the Shinebox on 55th – 6 PM
  • Dexter & The Moonrocks with Wild Giants at the Marquee Theatre – 8 PM
  • Four Peaks Oktoberfest with Sliced Limes, Corey Golden Band, Lost Frequency, and more at Tempe Beach Park – 8 AM
  • The Kepi Show with Kepi Ghoulie on Facebook – 9 AM and throughout the week!

Sunday 15

  • Amyl and the Sniffers with Die Spitz at the Van Buren – 8 PM
  • Four Peaks Oktoberfest with The Bayou Bandits, The Hourglass Cats, The Bellweathers, Ghetto Cowgirl and more at Tempe Beach Park – 11 AM
  • Proper Pet Until We Die Album Release Show with Sureson and Wheelwright at the Crescent Ballroom – 8 PM
  • Igorrr with Melt-Banana, Otto von Schirach at the Nile – 6:30 PM
  • Bite Me Bambi Music Show over at  – 2 PM

Monday 16

  • Black Ends with Closet Goth, Moth at the Nile Coffee Shop – 7 PM

Tuesday 17

Wednesday 18

  • Phoenix Pholk Night with He, Then, Rad Pinckard, Luigi Leone, Bryce J Rogers, and Krozz Warr at the Rhythm Room – 7 PM
  • Icon For Hire with The Funeral Portrait, Concrete Castles, and An Awful Mess at the Rebel Lounge – 7:30 PM
  • Scott Klopfenstein over at – 9 AM

Thursday 19

  • Astral Orange with Damn the Weather, Lady Captain at Last Exit Live – 7:30 PM
  • Lakeview with The Bayou Bandits, Westward Sons, and The Rev at the Rebel Lounge – 7:30 PM
  • Awakebutstillinbed with Closet Goth, International Waters, and Reverse Realm at the Groundworks, Tucson – 7 PM
  • Scott Klopfenstein over at – 9 AM

Friday 20

  • The Adverts with The Shadow, Mike and the Molotovs at the Nile Underground – 7 PM
  • Short Lived with Tiny Stills, Sweet Gloom, and Sympathy Card at the Nile Coffee Shop – 6:30 PM
  • Breaking Ground Tour featuring Viper Club, HVNTED, Black Rock Candy, and Heroine Honey at the Rock Bar – 7 PM
  • Born Without Bones and Lady Demin with Sundressed, Annie Jump Cannon at the Groundworks, Tucson – 7 PM
  • Scott Klopfenstein over at – 9 PM
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