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Every Show Joe Says Not Go! 12-11-2020

Between holiday shows gone digital this year, the return of the Trunk Space Tuesdays, and a few of our usual staples of music live streams this is an exciting week of music!

Friday 11 (All times AZ time unless otherwise noted)

  • Late Night with Less Than Jake featuring Days N Daze and Plasma Canvas on – 4 PM
  • The Lawrence Arms War on X-Mas 6 featuring guest appearances from Tim McIlrath, Matt Skiba, Brian Fallon, Dan Andriano, Worriors, Kyle Kinane, Sam Russo, and Sincere Engineer at – 6 PM
  • The Aquabats! Kooky Kristmas Party at – 7 PM
  • Stomp Records 25th Anniversary Series: The Planet Smashers at  – 7 PM
  • Escape from the Secret Lab featuring Joystick on the Escape from the Secret Lab Facebook – 7 PM
  • Sniper 66 and Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead streaming from Kick Butt Coffee – 8 PM
  • American Standards from the Nile Theater on the Nile YouTube – 7 PM
  • 8-Bit Mammoth from the Tempe History Museum – 7 PM

Saturday 12

  • Gimme Gimme TV! Holiday Spectacular with Me First and the Gimme Gimmes and including Shannon Shaw, Karina Denike, Belly Reynolds, and Western Cuck Exchange at – 7 PM
  • Live at Studio 4 with The Bouncing Souls at – 6 PM
  • Bad Religion Decades: 1980’s at – 3 PM
  • Song Machine Live featuring The Gorillaz at – 5 PM
  • The Kepi Show with Kepi Ghoulie on his Facebook– 10 AM
  • Christmas with the Jimbos(Reverend Horton Heat) – 9 PM

Sunday 13

  • Bite Me Bambi on their Twitch – 5 PM
  • Carter Drive Sessions with Top Shelf Shake – 7 PM

Monday 14

  • A Case of the Mondays with Sydney Sprague on her Twitch – 7 PM

Tuesday 15

  • Trunk Space Tuesdays featuring Dan Potthast, Elle Murtagh, and more on the Trunk Space Instagram – 7 PM

Wednesday 16

Thursday 17

  • Stomp Records 25th Anniversary Series: The Real McKenzies at – 7PM
  • Chris Murray – 6 PM

Friday 18

  • Stomp Records 25th Anniversary Series: The Anti-Queens at – 7 PM
  • Radkey Holiday Special – 6 PM
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