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Every Show Joe Says Not Go! 9-25-2020

This week brings us more choices than you may be able to watch on Saturday with the Life is Shit 24 hour stream, return of the Four-Eyed Horsemen, and many Phoenix locals on Music for A Rebel Planet stream among others. Plus there is the usual strong Fest at Home on Thursday and Anti-Vision streaming from the Backstage Bar.

Friday 25

  • The Antibacterial Cafeteria returns with Paper Foxes, Chrome Rhino, and Cygnill on the Antibacterial Cafeteria YouTube – 6 PM
  • Coping With Dystopia 20 featuring Chad Hates George, Teenage Halloween, Local News Legend, Shinizokonai, and more on the Coping With Dystopia YouTube – 3 PM

Saturday 26

  • Life Is Shit Virtual Shit-A-Thon featuring Joe Jack Talcum, The Rebel Set, Tiny Stills, Snailmate, The Quitters, The Delta Bombers, Anti-Vision, Desert Island Boys, and a bunch more starting at Noon and running 24 hours on – Noon
  • Music For a Rebel Planet Stream featuring Voil8r, Critical Miss, The Upchucks, Conrad Varela, Lars Petrini and Bryon Mogul on their Facebook  and Instatgrams – 3 PM to 8 PM
  • The Four-Eyed Horsemen Ride Again with MC Lars, Mega Ran, MC Frontalot, Schaffer the Darklord, and SkyBlew at – 5 PM
  • Mega Ran from the Tempe History Museum – 7 PM
  • Supernova Saturday’s with The Loving Paupers hosted by Coolie Ranx, of the Pilfers, over on the Supernova Ska Festival  Facebook – 5 PM
  • Kepi Ghoulie – 9 AM

Sunday 27

  • Carter Drive Sessions with ??? – 7 PM

Monday 28

Tuesday 29

Wednesday 30

Thursday 1

  • The Fest at Home with World Inferno Friendship Society, The Scutches, Lanny from Local Drags and Starter Jackets, and Attic Salt – 4 PM
  • Anti-Vision live from the Backstage Bar and Billiards Vegas – 7 PM
  • Chris Murray – 5 PM

Friday 2

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