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Every Show Joe Says Not Go! 8-28-2020

This weekend is loaded with awesome concert streams, like the surprise announced Bummer Summer from The Fest, and then a couple really cool things in the week!

Friday 28

  • Quarantine For a Cause featuring Matamoska, Mr. Kingpin, Vic Ruggiero, Los Nauticals, Be3 Like Max, Flying Racoon Suit, and bunch more on The Skacore Cartel’s Facebook, Twitch, and YouTube – 6 PM
  • APE Friday Night Livestream – 7:30 PM
  • Coping With Dystopia 18 featuring Roadkiller, Amanda Rose Riley, Erin Incoherent, The Michael Character, The Bumbling Woohas, and more to benefit Second Chance to Play on the Coping with Distopia Twitch and YouTube – 3 PM
  • Songs Between Friends Episode 6 with Nobody’s Peach – 6 PM

Saturday 29

  • Mega Ran Record Store Day Live stream from Rebel Lounge – 6 PM
  • Supernova Saturdays with Skatune Network hosted by Coolie Ranx, of the Pilfers, and on the Supernova Ska Festival Facebook – 5 PM
  • At Home With the Orpheum Theater: Jared Kolsear of Jared and the Mill to benefit #SaveOurStages – 8 PM
  • Decker. Playst “Patsy” Live Stream – 7 PM
  • Vic Tims & The Kentucky Rifles – 8 PM
  • The Outlaw Lockdown featuring the Salt River String Band with Brian Brush and Jason Sarratt and Jim Gerke and Dusty Denham at Unity Through Community – 7 PM
  • Kepi Ghoulie – 9 AM

Sunday 30

  • Bummer Summer featuring gBroadway Calls, Sam Russo, Devon Kay, Pity Party, Jon Snodgrass, Tightwire, Slingshot Dakota, The Bombpops, Intruder Green and Officer Bradford, Catbite, Kill Lincoln, and more on the Fest’s Facebook and Social Distance Party’s Twitch – 10 AM
  • Vic and Disco Dave of the Slackers on both their Facebook and Instagrams – 1 PM
  • Carter Drive Sessions looking back on hitting 25 streams with 3 songs from each of their favorite bands on past episodes replayed! – 7 PM

Monday 31

Tuesday 1

  • Queer Riot Fest 2020 featuring Fea, Dogpark Dissidents, Juno Black Music, and others over on – 11 AM

Wednesday 2

Thursday 3

  • Chris Murray – 5 PM
  • The Fest at Home on the Fest’s Facebook and Social Distancing Party’s Twitch – 4 PM
  • Beams featuring Moontrax on the ASU Kerr Facebook and YouTube – 7 PM

Friday 4

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