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Every Show Joe Says Not Go! 7-10-2020

We find ourselves midway through July and the coronavirus is spreading like a figurative wildfire around this country. So to stay safe and help our music industry, I throw you ways to support it plus a few rad music streams to catch for the next week.

Friday 10

  • Miggy Chen, of TBR, on Riot Fest at Home – 5PM

Saturday 11

  • Virtual Community Fundraiser featuring A Continent Named Coma, Foxhound, The Homies from the Zone, and Troubled Minds on TheStumpFactor Instagram
  • Mt. Nerdcore featuring Mega Ran, MC Frontalot, MC Lars, and Schafer the Darklord – 2 PM
  • Garrett Dale, of Red City Radio, on Riot Fest at Home – 5 PM
  • Infectious Carnival featuring Days N Daze, Spectre, BeatGraspers, and more – 7 PM
  • Supernova Saturday’s hosted by Coolie Ranx with guest – 5 PM

Sunday 12

  • Carter Drive Sessions with ???  – 7 PM
  • Virtual Community Fundraiser featuring The God Samaritan, Rio Wiley, It’s All Grizzly, Moon To Sun, James Banx on TheStumpFactor Instagram

Monday 13

Tuesday 14

  • Trunk Space (Fun)draiser – 6 PM

Wednesday 15

  • Random House Studios featuring Mega Ran and a guest – 5 PM

Thursday 16

  • The Fest at Home with The Flatliners – 4 PM
  • Chris Murray – 5 PM

Friday 17

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