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Every Show Joe Says Go! 1-10-2020

Two weeks in and the shows are starting to ramp back up in this new year!

Friday 10

  • 2 Tone Lizard Kings with Mr. Incommunicado, Haley Green, and Sherbet & Champagne at the Yucca Tap Room
  • Operation Amila Ivy, a baby shower show, featuring Glitter Vomit, Rage & Peace, Corky’s Leather Jacket, Hobo Bastard, and Ass Wipe Junkies at Time Out Lounge
  • ReCaoPhoery Resurrection Spectacular, celebrating the life of David Bowie, featuring Shannon Trotter, I Am Hologram, Laura Hamlin, Daphne and the Glitches, and surprise guests at Pho Cao
  • The Lonesome Wilderness with Mr. Mudd and Mr Gold at the Valley Bar
  • The Pistoleros with Random Karma at the Rockbar
  • Rock, Punk, and Ska DJ night at Rips Bar

Saturday 11

  • The Phoenix Rock Lottery featuring members of Audrey Heartburn, Troubled Minds, Harper and the Moths, Las Chollas Peligrosas, WHSTLE, Sundressed, Doll Skin, and more at the Crescent Ballroom
  • Gregg Turner, of Angry Somoans, with DOMS, New Guinea Pigs on the Block and Disruptor at the Quail Lounge
  • The Living Deads with Pigmy Death Ray and The Jena System at Yucca Tap Room
  • Tempe Sour and Sara Robinson Band at the Yucca Tap Room, 3PM to 6
  • Hans Gruber & The Die Hards with Honey Danger and the I-10 Shooters, Bad Times, and The Walnuts at Tobacco Row
  • Some Jaywalkers with No Lungs and redoubt at the Time Out Lounge
  • Burgandy Jurk’s The Greatest Show of the Decade with El Googly Diablo and Brian Cooper’s Ghost at the Trunk Space
  • Full Moon Festival featuring The Runner Up, The Hourglass Cats, Kuru, No Refills, Joseph Bills, and LIl Seltrah at the Pressroom
  • Foxadillo Album Release with Japhy’s Descent, Aunt B, and Radio Blonde at Valley Bar
  • 2nd Saturdays in Old Town Peoria featuring MRCH, Justin Moody, Rob Withem, Danielle Durack, Levi Murray, Charles Barth of Palm Springs Eternal, and AJ Odneal, 4:30 PM to 8:30
  • Thee Faded Pictures 7” Release Show with Battered Suitcases and Thee Oh No’s at the Dirty Drummer

Sunday 12

  • Hotmom with 2000 Ft Turtle, Gone Before Us, and The Phosphenes at the Lunchbox
  • Joyce Manor with Oso Oso, Peach Kelli Pop at the Green Room, Flagstaff

Monday 13

  • The Shaky Calls with Drug Thirsty Mule, In Reversal, and Draem Taem at the Rhythm Room
  • Frosty Palms with Justin Moody and Lone Control at the Quail Lounge
  • Joyce Manor with Oso Oso, Peach Kelli Pop at 191 Toole, Tucson

Tuesday 14

  • Broken Baby with Tummyache, The Maybe Next Years, and Paper Foxes at the Valley Bar
  • Mississippi Nova with Cheeseburger Picnic, The Maybe Next Years, Maddi Ryan, Christof Rochel and the Wine Soaked Goliards at the Rhythm Room
  • Rad Stacey with We Came In Last, WinterHaven at the Rebel Lounge

Wednesday 15

  • Reverend Horton Heat with the Buttertones, The Paladins, and Deke Dickerson at the Rialto Theatre, Tucson

Thursday 16

  • In The Whale with Wurmfur, Brain Zap, and The 187’s at Yucca Tap Room
  • Reverend Horton Heat with The Buttertones, The Paladins, and Deke Dickerson at the Marquee Theatre
  • Netherfriends with Dadadoh and Kannibis Kat at the Rebel Lounge
  • Bury Mia with Corridor Sixteen and The Posters at Chopper Johns
  • The Blood Feud Family Singers at Rips Bar
  • Neil Hamburger at the Crescent Ballroom

Friday 17

  • The Limit Club, Scorpion Vs Tarantula, The Joeys, and Sore Eyes at the Rebel Lounge
  • Some Kind of Nightmare with We Might Be Wasted, Birth of Monsters, and Clam Slam at the Yucca Tap Room
  • Ancient Egypt with Shit Knife at the Quail Lounge
  • Terra Fractal with Soda Sun, Megan Diana at Last Exit Live
  • Whiskey Kiss with The Stilettos at Chopper Johns
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