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Every Show Joe Says Go! 8-2-2019

The ebb and flow of the calendar, with lighter but busy corners on this week of shows!

Friday 2

  • AZ Punk Invades Joe’s Grotto featuring Skull Drug, Inept Hero, Skeleton Army, We Steal Copper, The Zombie Zone, and more at Joe’s Grotto
  • President Gator 18 Year Anniversary Show featuring Snake! Snake! Snakes!, Bogan Via, Gospel Claws, ROAR, and Fine China at Crescent Ballroom
  • Soft Deadlines and Antenna Talk at Illegal Pete’s on Mill
  • Dinosaur Pile Up with Brkn Love and Luna Aura at Rebel Lounge
  • A Sunday Fire with StereoRiots, The Edisons, and One Way Sky at Time Out Lounge

Saturday 3

  • Pleasure Planet featuring Sad Dance Party, Clementine, Audrey Heartburn, Boycott, Veronica Everheart, DOMS and 2000 Ft Turtle plus Getting Stoked’s Half Time Special at the Trunk Space, 1PM to 8
  • Bars of Gold, members of Bear Vs Shark, with Twin Ponies, The Bittersweet Way at Valley Bar
  • Stop On The Green with Habitual Resonance and Shamehole at Time Out Lounge
  • Phoenix Afrobeat Orchestra with Mega Ran and the Color 8 at Crescent Ballroom
  • Weird Al Yankovic at Comerica Theatre
  • Free Skate: A Night of Tony Hawk Pro Skater Nostalgia with Brandon Kellum, of American Standards, Jacob Reynolds, of Those Kind of People, Erick Biez, of Something Better, and Sam Etling, of Sore Eyes, DJing songs off of the soundtracks at the Grid

Sunday 4

  • Rooster Club with Flathead and Jim Bachmann and the Day Drinkers, at Yucca Tap Room 6AM
  • Igor and the Red Elvises at the Rhythm Room

Monday 5

  • Sydney Sprague at the Center Stage Bar
  • Blink 182 with Lil Wayne at Ak Chin Pavilion

Tuesday 6

  • Closet Goth with The Edisons, Emily Davis and the Murder Police, and The Woodworks at the Rhythm Room
  • M Crane with UVC and Panic Baby at Rips Bar

Wednesday 7

  • Critical Miss and Kim Capria, of the Banter, at Rips Bar

Thursday 8

  • Prince Daddy & The Hyena with Retirement Party and Troubled Minds at the Rebel Lounge
  • MDC, Verbal Abuse with Elected Officials, Conflict Resolution, Phoenix Hooker Cops, Rontgen, Kuskurza, and the 187’s at Krusty Palmz
  • Exit Wound with Come Out Fighting, Toylit, and Molotov Cockroach at Time Out Lounge
  • Bourgeois Mystics with Shamehole at the Yucca Tap Room
  • The Smokin’ Blue Band with Deal James, Sydney Sprague, and Mississippi Nova at the Rhythm Room

Friday 9

  • Hoist the Colors with Buk Chuck, Idiotkin, and Actual Psychic Violence at Pub Rock Live
  • Hado with Fairy Bones, The Color 8, The Runner Up, and Sons of Providence at Rebel Lounge
  • Until the Sun with Mississippi Nova, Wurmfur, and Deadbeat Cousins at Rips Bar
  • The Smokin Blue Band with Deal James and the Maybe Next Years at Time Out Lounge
  • Stone Deaf Mezzoa with Old Fashion Assassin and Sno Cone at the Yucca Tap Room
  • Decker 10 Year Anniversary with Wyves, Ali A and the Agency at Crescent Ballroom
  • Club Red Rock Off: Round 1 featuring The Walnuts, Olympic Games, Turn Zero, Redspace, Ledgestones, and more at Club Red
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