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Every Show Joe Says Go! 1-25-2019

And we round out January with this update, and Saturday that is sure to make your head spin with choices. A busy week as a whole when looking for music to catch, so no complaints here! See you out there!

Friday 25

  • Tsunami Bomb with Venomous Pinks, FoL, and Off the Mark at Yucca Tap Room
  • Acne Superstar EP Release Show with Robot (re)Pair, Taylor Dance, Room 4, Not Confined, and Love Noka at the Trunk Space
  • The Ramble Before the Rumble with Mega Ran, Teek Hall, Bear Ghost, and Andy Savage plus special guests as Mat Mania and the Steel Cage Podcast to talk Royal Rumble at the Crescent Ballroom
  • Dry River Yacht Club with Mr. Mudd and Mr. Gold, Desert Purple, Snailmate, and CHKLZ at the Rhythm Room
  • American Longspurs with Jim Bachmann and the Day Drinkers, The Cole Trains, Michael & The Pentecost, and Sore Eyes at the Rebel Lounge
  • Willetta with Dovi and Palo Brea at the Valley Bar
  • Jason Devore at Dos Gringos Tempe

Saturday 26

  • Sixth Annual Phoenix Rock Lottery with Chad Dennis, Kim Capria, Jedidiah Foster, Anamieke Quinn, Jason Devore, Marc Oxborrow, Nathanial Shrake, and more randomly assembled into a band for the night at Crescent Ballroom
  • Larry and His Flask with Black Squares and The Limit Club at Yucca Tap Room
  • Punk Night at the Grid with Los Lerpes, Skeleton Army, Bleach Party, USA, Birth of Monsters, the Dead Beat Hymns, and Ass Wipe Junkies
  • Rikk Agnew Band with Scorpion Vs Tarantula, The Mission Creeps, and Skull Drug at Rips Bar
  • TSFest01 With Treasure Mammal, TOSO, Vamanos, Soft Deadlines, Bonzalez, Blu Joy, Moonraker, and Like Diamond’s Melody Machine at the Trunk Space
  • The Woodworks, Final Cut, Japhy’s Descent, Future Exes and Kaydee Cage at Tempe Tavern
  • Punk Show at Joe’s Grotto with Ape, Krovak, Whiskey and the Barrels, Corky’s Leather Jacket and Ethan 103
  • Punk Up The Volume featuring APE, Killing Sunday, Dirty Magic, Camel Enamel, and The Cadaver Dabba Doos at the Starlite Lounge
  • Manic Monkey sat Tempe Marketplace, 7PM to 10PM
  • Smiley Draco, Flying Half Full, Carol Pacey and the Honeyshakers, and The Frogstranglers at Time Out Lounge
  • Future PHX show with Undecided Youth, Tracing Faces, We Revolt and Sophie Dorsten at Last Exit Live
  • Love Like Fiction, Up An’ Atom, It’s all Grizzly, A Continent Named Coma, SunBleached, and Roovillain at Club Red
  • The Supersuckers 30th Anniversary Tour with Chip Hanna at the Green Room, Flagstaff

Sunday 27

  • Ancient Egypt, Colour TV, DOMS, Audrey Heartburn, and The Maybe Next Years at Rebel Lounge
  • The Earps at the Dirty Dogg Saloon, 4 PM to 7PM

Monday 28

  • Church Girls, Closet Goth and the Echo Bombs at The Lunchbox
  • Seven Spires and AfterTime with Painting Fences at the Rogue Bar

Tuesday 29

Wednesday 30

  • Warbly Jets with Strange Lot and Weird Radicals at the Valley Bar
  • Make It Loud panel series with Nicole Laurenne, of the Darts, Chelsey Louise, of Fairy Bones, and Kyle Dehn, of Stateside Presents, discussing Getting Started at the Rebel Lounge

Thursday 31

  • Badfish with Fayuca and Roots of Creation at the Van Buren
  • William Fitzsimmons with Wheelwright at the Rebel Lounge
  • Into The Unlimitarium with Off-White Honda, E Alo, Tapestrees, and Draem Taem at the Trunk Space

Friday 1

  • Luicidal with Reason Unknown, Inept Hero, Bleach Party, USA and We Might Be Wasted at the Yucca Tap Room
  • Phoenix Hooker Cops, Dead Inception, Sewer Gap, Sonic Ammunition, Birth of Monsters, Fun Abuse, Archaic 3, and Phobia at the Krusty Palmz
  • As Cities Burn with Those Kind of People, American Standards, and A Continent Named Coma at the Nile Underground
  • Gitane Demone Quartet, The Captives, Psygoat, and Man Hands at Rips Bar
  • Jared & The Mill Pop Up Show at the Churchill
  • The Indie Film Fest PHX After Party with The Hourglass Cats, The Stakes, and Santa Pachita at the Crescent Ballroom
  • Rhythm Dragons and Devillains at Chopper Johns
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