Every Show Joe Says Go! 12-13-2017

13 Dec

Delayed a little as last week my day job schedule hit on the days I usually record. But for that, I give you a little extra day or two of a calendar this week! As always be sure to spread the word of any music you enjoy. Share those photos, those videos, and those links to friends of those bands!

Wednesday 13

  • Agnostic Front with North Side Kings, The Revenge, and Eye Rake at the Rebel Lounge
  • Skating Polly, Starcrawler, and Sunlaand at Pub Rock Live
  • Levi Platero, Ethan 103, Adero, and Now or Never at Yucca Tap Room

Thursday 14

  • Sales with Gabi at Rebel Lounge
  • Edge Happy Hour with Manic Monkeys at the Tempe Center for the Arts
  • Sundressed with Nominee at the Green Room, Flagstaff
  • Kim Capria at the Old County Inn, Pine

Friday 15

  • Descendents with Flatliners, Pulley at the Marquee Theatre
  • Cash for Stash, Josh, with Noonday Devils, Cadaver Dabba Doos, and Lawnchair at Time Out Lounge
  • Sundressed with Nominee, Baseline, Holy Fawn, and Troubled Minds at Rebel Lounge
  • Playboy Manbaby at the Lost Leaf
  • Incommunicado at the Richter Aleworks, Peoria

Saturday 16

  • Desert Frostover with Madd Dog Tannen, The Banter, Clint Stevens, Torn at the Seam, Post Hoc, The Edisons, Good Boy Daisy, Vintage Wednesday, Colton Hood, and a ton more. Starts at 2, Marquee Theatre
  • Baby, It’s Bear Ghost Outside Yuletide show with Bear Ghost, Fairy Bones, and Rubedo at Last Exit Live
  • The Friendliest Show with Mama Butane, Sad Dance Party, Acne Superstar, Folklaur, and Jesse Blatchford, House Show. Public Event
  • Scorpion Vs. Tarantula, The Mission Creeps, French Girls, and Battered Suitcases at Yucca Tap Room
  • Time Out Lounge Toy Drive with Rockin Chair, James Brown Band Band, Manic Monkeys, and Endless Muse
  • Freaks of Nature at Lost Leaf
  • The Lonesome Wilderness vinyl release show with Sara Robinson Band, The Bittersweet Way, and Dirty Sunset at Shady Park
  • Merry FriendsMas 2017 with Jason Devore, Gabo, Keith Okie and the Rebel Sol, Broke in Vegas, Contradiktion, Kellen Hoskins, and Lukas Williams at the Sidekicks Saloon, Prescott

Sunday 17

  • The Runner Up with The Bittersweet Way, Bad Funk and Sugarwater at The Rebel Lounge

Monday 18

  • Coyotes Tango with Micah Bentley, Panic Baby, and Bedland at Rebel Lounge

Tuesday 19

  • Brian Damage and the Memories with Ghost Cat Attack, Fat Gray Cat, and Ghost in the Willow at the Rebel Lounge
  • The Foster Family Band with John Chanteuse at Yucca Tap Room
  • House of Stairs at the Lost Leaf

Wednesday 20

Thursday 21

  • An Arizona Country Christmas with American Longspurs accompanied by Jon Rauhouse and the Country Music Orchestra with Cisco and the Racecars, Tyler Mattock of Mr. Mudd and Mr. Gold, and Jim Bachmann at the Rebel Lounge
  • Hex Wave and Man Hands with Jett Pirouette’s Volatile Variety Show at Rips Bar
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