Every Show Joe Says Go! 10-5-2017

Bringing you the first October edition of Every Show Joe Says Go! Another loaded Friday and Saturday, and a calmer week after of music. Be safe, have fun, and be sure to share all the music you love with friends!

Thursday 5

  • Success with Yotam Ben, Horin and Seth Anderson, LightspeedGo, and Life Size Mirror at the Yucca Tap Room
  • Runaway Kids with Wasting Away, Without Hero at the Trunk Space
  • Sheer Mag, Tenement, and Wax Castle at the Rebel Lounge
  • SinKontrol with Manoz Zuziaz, Fatal Hit, Cataleptic Fear at the PPC Crack House
  • The Cribs with Paws at Valley Bar

Friday 6

  • Gritty City Stringfest with The Haymarket Squares, Run Boy Run, and Laura and the Killed Men at the Valley Bar
  • Twin Ponies release show with Dent, Celebration Guns, and the Expos at the Trunk Space
  • Acne Superstar EP release show with Good Grief, Lemon Tech, and the Railguards at house show
  • Fender Artist’s Showcase with Nick Stevans, Angels and Aliens, Led Chains, Painting Fences, and Endless Muse at the Hall at Pranksters Too
  • Cockswain at Fibber Magees
  • The Rocketz, the Silver shine, Creepsville 666, and Buried in Red at Yucca Tap Room
  • Headphone with Cheap Hotels at Time Out Lounge
  • Andy and His Grandmother listening party(Andy Kaufman posthumous album debut) at the Trunk Space
  • Japandroids with Playboy Manbaby at the Van Buren

Saturday 7

  • Inept Hero EP Release with Screaming for Silence, Interfate, and Orenda at Pub Rock Live
  • Venomous Pinks birthday show for Drea, Gaby and Miranda, with the Quakes at Chopper Johns
  • Zero Degrees North with Dinosaur Love, Plants After Dark and Andy Warpigs at the Trunk Space
  • Beach Party U.S.A. with The Sindicate, Burnin Roach, and Manos Zuzias at the Krusty Palmz
  • Turquoiz Noiz, Mooseknuckle Sandwich, and Some Local Spuds at Casa Butthole
  • Japhy’s Descent Vinyl Single release show with Clint Stevens, Snailmate, Paper Foxes, Sunset Voodoo, Captive Cooks, and Treasurefruit at Last Exit Live
  • Warner Drive CD Release show with Think About It, Undecided Youth, Orange Blossom, The Unrelated, and Breaklot at Club Red
  • Punk Night at the Grid with We Might Be Wasted, Ass Wipe Junkies, Birth of Monsters, and Torn at the Seam
  • Cake at the Arizona State Fair, Mind Upside plays after
  • Coast Modern, Salt Cathedral, and Chappell Roan at the Rebel Lounge

Sunday 8

  • Blush, Gabi, Lil Trip, and Elna Rae at the Rebel Lounge
  • The Echo Ohs, Dead Country Gentlemen, Lenguas Largas, Wax Castle, and Out of Print at Yucca Tap Room

Monday 9

  • Shooter Jennings with Julie Roberts and DL Marble at Rebel Lounge

Tuesday 10

Wednesday 11

  • Billy Bragg with the Contortionist, Polyphia, and Toothgrinder at the Crescent Ballroom
  • Har Mar Superstar with Jerusafunk, Hi Dreams DJ Collective at the Rebel Lounge
  • Less than Jake, Red City Radio, and Protagonist at the Green Room, Flagstaff

Thursday 12

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