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Every Show Joe Says Go! 7-7-2017

This week’s update coming on a Friday, and just in time to keep you posted on the busy two days plus a couple good shows over the week! Enjoy!

Friday 7

  • Darkness Dear Boy at the Tempe Center for the Arts
  • The Technicolors release show with The Darts and Daisy at Crescent Ballroom
  • Yard Art with Go Outside and Good Ol’ Joel at 51 West
  • Bryan McPherson, Chip Hanna, Ghost in the Willow, and Ceekay Jones at Time Out Lounge
  • Facemelter Jam with Rock Chair, Ayden Flow, Angels and Aliens, Manic Monkeys, Comptalo, and Rockin’ Chair. Also, Brandi’s birthday. At the Outer Space.
  • Guitar Wolf, Isaac Rother & The Phantoms at Rebel Lounge
  • Troll 2 with Andy Warpigs and the OTOS at the Trunk Space
  • Jacky’s Descent, Woodworks, The Whiskey Circle at the Yucca Tap


Saturday 8

  • The Dukes, We Were Stereo, Said Gun, and Ancient Egypt at Last Exit Live
  • Celebration Guns, Goldengoat, I am Hologram, and Pro Teens at Palo Verde Lounge
  • Call the Cops, The Pope Virgins, Manoz Zuziaz, Skull Drug, Birth of Monsters, and Simple Malfunction at the Rats Ass
  • Eddy, Sunlaand, and Lil Trip at Rebel Lounge at 7PM
  • Dogbreth, Nice Try, and What Happened to Judy Winslow at Trunk Space
  • Gay Kiss final show with Sex Prisoner, Goya, Get a Grip, Heavy Breather, Grey Gallows, and more at 51 West
  • Kim Capria at the Sip Coffee and Beer Garage

Sunday 9

  • Deftones and Rise Against at Ak Chin Pavilion
  • Dragonforce with Once Human at Club Red
  • The Falling Hearts Tour with Til Skies Fall, At My Mercy, Glass Creatures, and the Beast of Bailey Downs at Joe’s Grotto
  • Romen Buffalo playing Yucca’s Sunday Service in the afternoon

Monday 10

  • Sports, Yeek, and Diners at Rebel Lounge

Tuesday 11

  • Hollywood Sinners with the Rebel Set, Man Hands, Scorpion Vs Tarantula, and DJ Darts at the Valley Bar

Wednesday 12

  • Echo Beds with Xluhcoatl, Skymall, and depressive at Trunk Space
  • The Real Fits, Ghost Cat Attack at Lost Leaf

Thursday 13

  • Mudd and Mr. Gold with American Longspurs, Hostile Work Environment, and War Admiral at the Valley Bar
  • Homegrown with Mo with Escaping Phoenix, Stinkeye, and Soft Deadlines at Pub Rock
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