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Every Show Joe Says Safely Go! 6-11-2021

This week sees physical shows in more volume including remembering Andy Warpigs and the Linecutters return. That’s along with a couple huge music streams, like the Bridge City Fest this weekend too!

Friday 11 (All times AZ/MST/PDT times unless otherwise noted)

  • Belfry Bats with Thee Suburban Sluts at Chopper Johns – 9 PM
  • Bridge City Fest Part 2: Day 1 featuring Omsorg, New Low, Sacrificer, Crossing I’s Dotting t’s, Head Honcho, Dead Streets, and more starting on the Bridge City Sessions Facebook and YouTube – 4 PM
  • Coping With Dystopia Final Show: An Evening in Memory of Andy Warpigs featuring Jugstep, JD Rodriguez, Dirty Rat, Nikki Nailbomb, NihilistFolk, and more on their YouTube – 2 PM
  • 76th Street with Cheap Hotels at Rebel Lounge – 7:30 PM
  • Insonmnia with Headstrum at Yucca Tap Room – 9 PM
  • Wheelwright over at  – 6 PM

Saturday 12

  • The Linecutters with Skud Puppies, The Upchucks, The Specters at 4840 E Jasmine St Suite 102 – 8:30 PM
  • The Punk Rock Formal featuring Phoenix Hooker Cops, Birth of Monsters, and Trina Von Blood as a seated event at Rips Bar – 8 PM
  • Wurmfur, Snailmate, and Chrome Rhino at Yucca Tap Room – 9 PM
  • Sundressed with Saiah, Danielle Durack, and Let Alone at Rebel Lounge – 8 PM
  • Tempe Sour Early Show with Secret Delite and Page the Village Idiot at Yucca Tap room – 2 PM
  • Bridge City Fest Part 2: Day 2 featuring Escape From the Zoo, Beyond the Lamplight, Mercy Music, Boss Daughter, Callshot, Yotam Ben Horin, and more starting on the Bridge City Sessions Facebook and YouTube – 4 PM
  • Bad Religion Decades: Season 2 – The 90’s from the Roxy Theatre at – 2 PM
  • An Awful Stream featuring An Awful Mess doing a AMA stream over at – 7 PM
  • The Kepi Show with Kepi Ghoulie on Facebook – 9 AM

Sunday 13

  • Andy Warpigs Celebration and Vigil featuring The Rebel Killer Swine, Red Tank!, Jerusafunk, Blood Feud Family Singers, Josue and Friends, Crown Victoria Vandalism Committee, Soft Deadlines, Eli Kluger, Shamehole, Leigh Dekay, Bittersweet Way, and more under the Hance Park Lightrail Overpass  – 3 PM
  • The Joeys with Blu Joy, The Reztones, and Gnarwhal Jrz at Rebel Lounge – 7 PM
  • Bridge City Fest Part 2: Day 3 featuring Miles to Nowhere, Ghost in the Willow, Boob Sweat, The Latter Day Skanks, The Meatbeaters, the Disorderlies, and more starting on the Bridge City Sessions Facebook and YouTube – 4 PM
  • Flailing Idiot, The Twits, and Wasted Years at the Jacked Up Brewery – 1 PM
  • Bite Me Bambi over at  – 4 PM

Monday 14

Tuesday 15

Wednesday 16

Thursday 17

  • Chris Murray Bluebeat Livestream on his Facebook – 5 PM
  • Snailmate plays a videogame over at  – 6 PM
  • The Story Quartet on The Way Back Sessions YouTube  – 7 PM

Friday 18

  • Authority Zero with Madd Dog Tannen and Miles to Nowhere at the Marquee Theatre – 7:30 PM
  • The Posters, El Googly Diablo, Quantum Colossus, Cadaver Dabba Doos, and Crank Lab at The 44 – 8 PM
  • Future Exes, Deadbeat Cousins, Kevin Michael Prier, and Banana Gun at Yucca Tap Room – 9 PM
  • Jam Fest: Benefit for Hunger Relief Effort with Conscious Alliance with Wade Cota, So/Below, and ZeeCeeKeely at Last Exit Live – 8 PM
  • Wheelwright over at  – 6 PM
  • Scott Klopfenstein over at – 9 PM
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