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Every Show Joe Says Not Go! 6-12-2020

This week I continue with giving ways to support Black Lives Matter, that you can find below too, alongside a few awesome streams and in person shows you may check out for the next week. This including another festival replacing its weekend with a massive digital event!

Friday 12

  • Lenny Lashley – 3 PM
  • Coping With Dystopia 12 featuring Dave Dictor of MDC, video premiere from World/Inferno Friendship Society, Pancho Villa’s Skull, Dakota Floyd, Nikki Nailbomb, and more – 3 PM
  • Dan Potthast – 5 PM
  • Jason Devore at OPA Life Greek Cafe Patio – 7 PM, please take appropriate safety precautions
  • El Googly Diablo, The Upchucks, and Double Fisted at Time Out Lounge – 8 PM, please take appropriate safety precautions
  • Haley Green with Killa Maus, Something Like Seduction at Last Exit Live – 9 PM. Please take appropriate safety precautions

Saturday 13

  • Supernova Ska Digital Event including Less Than Jake, Suicide Machiens, Pietasters, Big D and the Kids Table, Buck O Nine, Bite Me Bambi, Chris Murray, The Toasters, Monkey, Be Like Max, Half Past Two, Rude King, Mata moska, Bowcat, The Dendrites, and so many more! – 3 PM PDT
  • Terminally Ill digital show with Skip and the Last Straws, ShameHole, The Tortured, and Dead Weight – 4:30 PM
  • The Dollyrots on StageIt – 1 PM
  • Nerf Herder “High Five Anxiety” show on StageIt – 1 PM
  • Sara Robinson Band with the Woodworks at Last Exit Live, 9 PM. Please take appropriate safety precautions.

Sunday 14

  • The Carter Drive Sessions featuring Kim Capria and Miles to Nowhere –  7 PM on the Carter Drive Sessions Facebook and YouTube
  • The Slackers Live Stream with La Tremenda Korte, Pinata Protest, and Nate Bergman – 1 PM, $10
  • Digital Drive In AZ Summer Concert Series: Limit Club, Devillians, and Whiskey Kiss. Please take appropriate safety precautions.

Monday 15

Tuesday 16

  • Trunk Space Tuesdays Fundraiser – Artists TBA this week

Wednesday 17

  • Random House Studios stream featuring Steve Blum(voice of Spike on Cowboy Bebop and countless other voices) Darklord  – 5 PM

Thursday 18

  • The Fest at Home featuring Catbite, Omnigone, Kill Lincoln, and Skatune Network at  4 PM on the Social Distance Party Twitch channel and The Fest Facebook
  • Chris Murray – 5 PST
  • Zee and Justin’s Birthday Show featuring Darling Skye, Sore Eyes, The Posters, and No Lungs at Time Out Lounge, 8 PM. Please take appropriate safety precautions.

Friday 19

  • Lenny Lashley – 3 PM
  • Some Jaywalkers Album Release with Ape, Bulletproof Backpacks, and The Posters  at Chopper Johns, 9 PM. Take appropriate safety precautions.
  • Yip Yops with The Deadbeat Cousins at Last Exit Live – 8:30 PM. Please take appropriate safety precautions.
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